Spotify Offers Artists Free “2017 Wrapped” Custom Mini-Sites

Site 0-SpotifyforArtists-Holiday2017-AlessoSpotify has launched its ‘2017 Wrapped’ for Creators campaign, offering artists a free custom micro-site celebrating their success on Spotify over the past year, including how their music connected with fans.The news follows Spotify’s annual ‘2017 Wrapped’ campaign for listeners, which launched last week. 


Site 0-SpotifyforArtists-Holiday2017-Alesso

Artists can now access and share their free ‘2017 Wrapped’ pages by logging into Spotify for Artists. Fans can only view an artist’s ‘Wrapped’ page if an artist decides to proactively share it. Above and below are screenshots of ricing star Alesso's "Wrapped" mini-site. 


“There’s so much data in the music industry, and Spotify for Artists boils it all down to help artists and their teams discern the signal from the noise,” said Charlie Hellman, Vice President, Product, Creator, Spotify. “The ‘Wrapped’ campaign is a great example of what we’ve infused into Spotify for Artists overall: data brought to life. It’s also a celebration of each artist’s year that we hope artists can enjoy with their fans.”

‘2017 Wrapped’ provides artists with the following data points:

  • The biggest days of the year for up to three of their tracks;
  • Total number of times their songs have been streamed, plus the total duration of time spent listening their music;
  • Total unique listeners for when they appeared on Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists;
  • Number of fan-curated playlists they were added to, plus the top keywords in the titles of those playlists;
  • The three countries most of their listeners live in; and
  • Total unique listeners.

Artists claiming their Spotify for Artists profile for the first time likely have a ‘Wrapped’ page waiting for them. All artists with music on Spotify and at least three listeners before Nov. 1 can access their 2017 Wrapped by creating or logging into their Spotify for Artists account at https://artists.spotify.com/.

Fans can only view an artist’s ‘Wrapped’ page if an artist decides to proactively share it.


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