EXCLUSIVE: DistroKid To Launch Publishing Administration, 300K Musicians Using Revenue Split Service

DistroKid logoDistroKid is launching a publishing administration service. Details are still be worked out, but the new service should be available within weeks, DistroKid founder Phil Kaplan tells Hypebot. Publishing administration joins an expanding set of add-on services offered by the indie digital music distributor.

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We wrote about another DistroKid add-on back in May of 2016, when it launched in beta. Now, free revenue splits and payments have gone wide with more than 300,000 DistroKid clients automatically sending earnings to collaborators. "We hope our splits feature makes life easier for DistroKid artists and labels, says Kaplan, and helps ensure that more artists get paid."
Other free add-ons for DistroKid clients include lyrics deliveryinstant Spotify verification, and Apple photo uploader.
Here's how revenue splits work via DistroKid:
Just specify a collaborator’s email address and what percentage of earnings you want them to receive. Then DistroKid will make sure they get paid for every stream and download.

You never have to worry about accounting, and you never have to send money to anyone. We do it for you.

A few other cool things:

  • You can add unlimited collaborators to any track.
  • You can change the splits any time.
  • You can add or remove collaborators any time.
  • You can go back in time and see any previous splits.
  • For privacy, collaborators can only see what percentage they get. They can’t see who your other collaborators are, or what percentage other folks are getting.
  • Your collaborators will need to make a DistroKid account but they’ll get a 50% discount, so it’s only 10 bucks.
  • As alway, DistroKid never takes a cut. You & your collaborators get 100% of earnings in total.

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