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Facebook Signs Licensing Deals With SESAC, Kobalt, Azoff’s GMR and Adds Indie Music Publisher Program

Facebook-musicFacebook announced three more major muli-year global music licensing deals today – SESAC's Harry Fox and Rumblefish services, Kobalt Music Publishing and Irving Azoff’s Global Music Rights. The agreements follow recent deals with Universal Music and Sony/ATV. 


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New Facebook deals with SESAC, Kobalt and Irving Azoff’s Global Music Rights will allow users to share music in social videos on Facebook, Instagram and Oculus.

"Songs and songwriters lie at the very heart of the magic of music. Each one has the power to connect with people, moments and messages," said Tamara Hrivnak, Facebook's Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships. "Facebook values the talent of independent writers and music publishers and we’ve been busy working with independent music publishers, who have played an important role in partnering with Facebook on behalf of songwriters." 

“In the spirit of a true partnership, Facebook will ensure songwriters are paid fairly and new revenue streams are created for user uploaded video," said Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt Founder & CEO of Kobalt in a statement. “We look forward to working closely with Facebook throughout our partnership. And, Kobalt is committed to distributing royalties in a fully transparent way.”

"Our partnership with Facebook reflects that when music is valued properly, it’s easy for both sides to view it as a win-win,”  said Azoff.

New Indie Music Publisher Portal

The Facebook, SESAC/Rumblefish deal also includes helping other independent publishers licensing music to the social platform. 

"The program will enable users to upload and share videos with music on Facebook, Instagram and Oculus and allows publishers to be compensated for the use of their music," according to Scott Sellwood, Head of Commercial Music Publishing Partnerships at Facebook. 

“Rumblefish will also help Facebook optimize the identification and clearance of musical works through an innovative data-sharing agreement. This partnership with HFA/Rumblefish and an opt-in for independent publishers opens as of today,” he continued.

"Other digital services should take note and follow suit.”

NMPA President & CEO David Israelite adds, “This new partnership between Facebook and the music publishing industry is a great step forward for the platform and for songwriters. Music provides value to Facebook and its users and ensuring that the creators of that music are compensated is paramount. We appreciate Facebook’s willingness to recognize the economic contribution of songwriters as well as its effort to create a system that properly streamlines payments moving forward. Other digital services should take note and follow suit.” 

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  1. Excited to see where this leads – I believe FB is taking a huge step for the tech side of the music industry and they are setting a good example for how tech companies should pursue licensing – something Spotify should have been doing since the beginning. A year or two ago we had first started seeing rumors that FB was entering the music market when they started poaching big music execs from labels – and it’s all starting to make sense now! They got the right people in the right places so that they can enter the market strong and with the right support. I applaud what they’re doing, and I hope to see more big tech companies following suit! (ahem…Spotify…)

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