Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists: Here’s How

2As the number one streaming service in an industry where streaming is now king, Spotify has become and essential platform for artists, and for musicians looking to get their music heard on a more global scale, nothing is more important than landing your tunes on a coveted Spotify playlist.


Guest post by Joe Pacheco of the Symphonic Blog

Spotify is the number one music streaming service today and continues to show its dominance in the music industry.

For musicians looking to get their music known to listeners on a global scale, having music on Spotify playlists is vital in making that goal a reality.

These Spotify tips will help you better understand the ins and outs of getting your music on Spotify playlists!

Create a pitch and throw fastballs

Creating a pitch is probably one of the most important steps in getting your music on Spotify playlists because you have to have a great pitch in order to get attention from playlist curators.

Think of a pitch as the musicians resume in a sense. You have to have a resume, but having a bad resume won’t get you anywhere but thrown in the trash with the other boring ones. Make sure you stand out in your pitch by adding character to it and making it uniquely your own.

Once the pitch is perfected, start sending it to as many curators as possible. Find out who the playlist curators are through Spotify or from researching online. At Symphonic Distribution we are always looking for new artists to feature on our playlists as well and take submissions here!

Don’t show you’re a rookie

the Check Mark

To better enhance your chances of getting on playlists, get your profile verified by Spotify. In order to do this, you have to have a minimum of 250 followers which shouldn’t be hard to get. Reaching out to your social media and at shows to follow you will get you there in no time.

It is important to have the little blue check on your profile because it shows you aren’t a rookie and are ready for the big leagues!

Don’t strike out with bases loaded


Now that you have the minimum 250 followers, don’t stop! Keep improving your page and get as many followers and plays as you can. The bigger you look to playlist curators, the higher your chances are to get on their playlists.

Once you are on a few playlists, curators will end up reaching out to you to see if they can feature your music!

With the help of these few tips on getting your music on Spotify playlists, you’ll see your fanbase go from local to global.

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  1. This is completely outdated and irrelevant advice and shouldn’t be posted anymore. Artists don’t need 250 followers anymore to get verified. Also, to get over a million monthly listeners a bit more work is involved. The author however fails to say what that might entail.

  2. Glad someone mentioned this. Hasn’t been necessary to have 250 followers to verify for about a year now.

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