How To Get Contact Info For Spotify Playlist Curators

Finding-Spotify-Playlist-Curators-emails-1132x670With streaming now the name of the game, landing you track on a high-profile Spotify playlist can do wonders for you career. Here Chris Robley walks us through how to find the contact info for the curators of major Spotify playlists.


Re-post from CD Baby's DIY Musician blog, by Chris Robley 

The simple 4-step process for identifying and contacting playlisters.

A single song placement on a big Spotify playlist can drive huge streaming activity, earn you significant revenue, and change your career.

Which is why every artist, manager, label, publicist, and streaming promoter wants to pitch something to these prominent playlist curators. It’s no wonder they don’t make it easy to contact them. But if you’re willing to do a bit of sleuthing work, there is a way.

After talking with artists who’ve done well via Spotify playlists, and doing a bit of (simple) detective work myself, I made a quick video outlining the steps.

Fair warning: I’m not going to win any awards for cinematography — it’s a lo-fi webcam video — but hey, you’re not here for the stunning visuals anyway.

Learn how to find the contact information for Spotify playlist curators today.

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  1. I find this video very helpful, but what I found even more helpful was the discovery of the app they are using as an overlay on the video (show.co). I did not know this gate existed! hunting down curators is great, but i feel like it’s a lot of effort to just send an email that will probably get lost in the shuffle. There has to be a better way….Maybe this is an opportunity for someone to make a market full of spotify influencers? If I can pay to get featured on a Instagram account why can’t pay to get featured in a playlist? Would that be considered the new payola? I am not an artist myself, but theres a disconnect that I feel can be a big opportunity for someone to step in. Maybe CD Baby can offer the service the address the problem?

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