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Pollstar's Former Head Of Editorial Joel Reinartz Joins CelebrityAccess

Joe ReinartzIMG_0241 (1)[UPDATED] Joe Reinartz, former head of news and editorial operations at touring trade Pollstar has joined online entertainment industry trade Reinartz began his career at Pollstar in 1997, the same year that CelebrityAccess went online.

Celebrity Access logoMarc Gentilella, President of CelebrityAccess said, “We couldn’t be happier to have somebody of Joe Reinartz’s calibre, experience and contacts, join our team. Joe is an incredible writer and already has his finger on the pulse of our industry - in a way that few others do."

"I’ve always admired CelebrityAccess’s fortitude and over-achievement. In a time when so much media has lost its direction, it's refreshing to be involved with an institution with such a promising future," said Reinartz . "The next 12 months will be exciting times for this company as it continues to grow and led by a group of smart, ambitious and fun people.  I"m looking forward to talking to all my old buddies."

Reinartz's addition to CA's award winning team of writers and contributors including Bob Lefsetz, Larry LeBlanc and Ian Courtney comes just as the trade revamps its CelebrityAccess and Encore channels with a greater emphasis on timely content.