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Bid To Co-Own A Hit Song With Prince On eBay

PrinceChris Moon, who co-wrote the song "Soft & Wet" with Prince on the Purple One's  first album is selling his share on eBay for $490,000.  The song also appeared on MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" album which sold 22 million copies. "Buy it and just You & Prince will own it."

Co Own A Prince Song With Prince   Soft   Wet   His First Hit Song      eBay"I will sign legal transfer over to you and you will be able to prove to the world SOFT & WET belongs to you," writes Moon. "All my rights and ownership of lyrics to the song will be transferred to you, you will get a copy of the original contract between Prince and I legal recognizing my ownership and thus my right to transfer it to you. You will also receive a digital copy of his original version of the song as well as the album version and the MC Hammer version."

You can bid here.

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