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Discog Sold 10 Million Units In 2017, Names New CEO

Discogs year-end-2017-heroSales on the Discogs Marketplace rose 20% to top 10 million units in 2017. Vinyl sales grew 18% to 8 million, the user-built music database and online a catalog announced today.  Key sales trends for the year include:

  • Cassettes were the format showing the most substantial growth at 29.54%
  • CDs were not far behind, up 28.39% 
Indie music marketplace Bandcamp showed similar increases in physical goods sales, and the trend should accelerate online as brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy and others abandon the format. 
image from blog.discogs.comThe most collected genre trends include:
  • Classical up 42.36% 
  • Latin up 38.33%
The two most expensive releases sold on the platform last year were both 7" singles with The Beatles 'Love Me Do' selling for $14,757.00 followed by Sex Pistols' 'God Save The Queen' selling for $14,690.00.
image from blog.discogs.comNew CEO
Discogs COO Chad Dahlstrom has been named the company's new CEO. Founder and president Kevin Lewandowski will  now focus on broadening the company's focus beyond music to include film, comics, posters and books. 
Find more stats in the Discogs 2017 Year End Report.

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