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YouTube Red To Add 100 Countries, 10,000 Content Police

Youtube_red_logoYouTube will add as many as 100 new countries to its music video and subscription Red service, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told the crowd at Recode's Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, CA yesterday.



YouTube Head Of Music Lyor Cohen has promised a new Google music subscription music early this year that will boost revenue for artists and labels. But his boss, YouTube CE O Susan Wojcicki, delivered a different message during her appearance at the Recode Code Media conference yesterday.

Wojcicki announced that YouTube would be expanding its YouTube Red paid subscription service “to many more countries” in the coming months. Sources put the number of new countries at about 100.. It's unclear if that signals that Cohen's promised service is just a revamped YouTube Red or that Google is continuing to split its own anemic paid streaming efforts between Red, Google Play and a yet to launch new service.

10,000 Content Police

Whatever the plan,  YouTube's ongoing problems with offensive and dangerous content and the attendant backlash from advertisers will only become more acute as Red expands. To that end, YouTube is adding 10,000 people to vet content, according to the CEO, who set no timetable for hiring.

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  1. How about adding 10,000 content police to make sure content is used with permission, correctly identified with ContentID, and properly remunerated?

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