Listen: First Album Composed By Artificial Intelligence

1Artificial Intelligence has hit a number of milestones of late. Forget self-driving cars and microbots, the music industry has just seen its first album composed using artificial intelligence. 


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'Hello World' is the first full-length album composed using artificial intelligence. The project released by SKYGGE aims to illustrate that AI “can be used to create new, compelling music, generating fresh musical material”.

The use of artificial intelligence in music has improved way beyond its early applications – including the creations of novelty classical compositions. With rapid advancements in AI technologies including machine learning, many areas in the music industry are being introduced to tech which is delivering results impossible to achieve through manual processes.

2The AI used to create the album is called 'Flow Machines'. It generates music scores and audio stems relevant to the users' selected inspirations. 'Hello World' initially began as a research project to uncover algorithms to “capture and reproduce the concept of musical style”. A press release says that it was not until the ‘novelty and huge potential’ of the project was uncovered, that a number of musicians became interested in getting involved in the project.

SKYGGE is fronted by composer, author, songwriter and producer, Benoit Carré. The expanding group of collaborators also includes the likes of Stromae, Kiesza, Michael Lovett (NZCA Lines) and C Duncan. The group all met in a science-studio lab, utilised Flow Machines and created Hello World.

On paper you would expect the output to be robotic and clunky – but this could not be further from the truth. The 15-track album features songs across the genre spectrum, with elements of pop, electronica and jazz. It also successfully achieves the project goal to create a record of tracks with individual character, ‘melodic twists and harmonic surprises’.

The release has been extremely well received. SKYGGE currently has over 580,000 monthly listeners and is enjoying a growing playlist following of over 5.2m (TalentAI).

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  1. This is incredible. I have my doubts about whether AI can capture a truly emotional musical performance, but it sure will be fun to play around with either way! Does anyone know when this will be available for the public to use?

  2. A.I can make music. May be very good music. But Humans make AI. So it is just an additional layer of abstraction. It’s humans who are making music indirectly using AI technology. #not-ready-to-accept-AI-domination 🙂
    P.S: among current applications, AI is not even as intelligent as a 5 year old kid yet.

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