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100M Pay For Amazon Prime, 10’s Of Millions Stream Music

AmazonAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed the number paid Amazon Prime subscribers for the first time. More than 100 million globally now pay for the combination of  fast free shipping and streaming content, according to a letter sent to investors yesterday.


Amazon-prime-music13 years after launch, Amazon Prime has 100 million paying members. But the number of users that actually stream music or stats on how many pay extra for Amazon Music Unlimited were far less precise.

“Amazon Music continues to grow fast and now has tens of millions of paid customers," CEO Jeff Bezos shared. "Amazon Music Unlimited, our on-demand, ad-free offering, expanded to more than 30 new countries in 2017, and membership has more than doubled over the past six months.”

Those are impressive numbers, which likely make Amazin the third most popular music service globally.

But Amazon Music user stats still pale in comparison to Spotify, which has almost 170 million paid and free users. The streamer predicts 200 million users by the end of 2018. Apple Music has just 40 million paid users; but with Apple's user base of 250 million growing 12-15" annually, its music streamer appears poised for strong growth, as well.

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