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Google To Kill Play Music As YouTube Remix Launch Nears

YouTube Music logoAs the launch of YouTube's long-promised streaming music service nears, the Google Play Music brand is being readied for retirement, according to reports. Internally code named 'Remix,' the new service, which has been beta tested by YouTube staffers for weeks, will likely be dubbed YouTube Music.

Several teardowns of YouTube apps and at least one source confirmed the new YouTube Music moniker. The teams working on YouTube Red and Google Play Music were combined last year.

A YouTube spokesmen shared this with droidlife:

"We’ve previously announced the combination of the YouTube Music and Google Play product teams — music is very important to Google so it’s critical we have one offering that meets the needs of consumers and artists. Nothing will change for users today and we’ll provide plenty of notice before any changes are made."

How soon will YouTube Music launch? 

Perhaps YouTube's Global Head Of Music Lyor Cohen's sudden cancellation of a Music Biz Conference keynote on May 16th provided a hint. 

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