Songkick Adds Free Concert Analytics, Users Pass 150M

Songkick squareConcert discovery app Songkick has announced the addition of free artist specific fan and gig analytics, alongside some impressive new user, concert listing and SEO stats of their own. Songkick distributes concert information to Google, Spotify, Facebook, Pandora, Shazam and other music and web services.

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A particualrly interesting stat: On average, 85% of an artist's fanbase on Songkick is unique to the platform. That means Songkick users typically haven't subscribed to an artist's mailing list, liked their Facebook page or visited their website this year.

Warner Music Group bought Songkick last year, and it's now clear that they are intent on improving the standalone app.   

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Tourbox Insights

Primary competitor BandsInTown has staked out concert marketing and artist services as its added focus. But with the launch of fan and gig analytics within its free Artist Tourbox, it's clear that Songkick wants to compete for the appreciation of musicians, as well.

Under a Toolbox Tab marked Insights, artist can analyze their audience by location, top cities, growth rates, marketing stats for each listed events, affinity artists and more. All stats are updated daily.

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