YouTube Adds Monetization: Merch Sales, Fan Memberships, Premiers, Brand Partnerships

image from www.youtube.comYouTube is expanding the way that musicians and other creators can monetize and market videos with channel memberships, merchandise sales, marketing partnerships via FameBit and video premiers. The moves come just as Facebook, Instagram and others are stepping up efforts to woo top creators away from the platform.


image from www.youtube.com

YouTube is adding some major new monetization and marketing opportunities for creators.

Merchandise Sales

YouTube is partnering with Teespring for merch-on-demand sales ranging from shirts with a logo to phone cases with a creator’s face and about 20 other items. This opportunity will be available to all eligible U.S.-based channels with over 10,000 subscribers starting today, and expand to more merchandising partners and creators in soon.

Channel Memberships

Viewers pay a monthly recurring fee of $4.99 to get unique badges, new emoji, Members-only posts in the Community tab, and access to unique custom perks offered by creators, such as exclusive livestreams, extra videos, or shout-outs. Channel Memberships have already been available for a select group of creators on YouTube as Sponsorships, but YouTube will soon be expanding this to eligible channels with more than 100,000 subscribers under the new name Channel Memberships. "We hope to bring it to even more creators in the coming months," promises YouTube.

Introducing Premieres

Coming to all eligible creators with more than 10,000 subscribers

YouTube is introducing a new way for creators to upload content to YouTube called Premieres. With Premieres, creators will be able to debut pre-recorded videos as a live moment. When creators choose to release a Premiere, YouTube automatically creates a public landing page to build anticipation. When fans show up to watch the premiere, they’ll be able to chat with each other and the creator via live chat. "It’s as if a creator’s entire community is in one theater together watching their latest upload."

Premieres also unlocks new revenue streams. For the first time, creators can use Super Chat on traditional YouTube uploads and take advantage of Channel Memberships perks that were previously only available on Live videos.

Get details on marketing partnerships via FameBit here.


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    Fans want to know they are supporting their favourite artist. This is evident from a lot of artist’s experience of self releasing compared to going with a major label. As soon as you’re with a major its assumed you don’t need financial support and you’re rich.
    I think some somewhat similar happens with support through a major company like YouTube. Fans want the money to go directly to the artists. It’s a bit like being in a restaurant and you want to tip YOUR waiter/waitress but instead it gets split between everyone.
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