7 Tips For Musicians To Write Emails Fans Will Adore

1Gone are the days when the only thing you had to be good at as a musician was music. Artists are now required to do their share of marketing and management, something which doesn't always come naturally. This article provides advice on how artists can craft effective emails which their fans are guaranteed to adore.


By Freddie Tubbs, a digital marketing strategist at Big Assignments. He's a regular at email marketing conferences and contributes posts to Ox Essays and Write my Australia

There used to be a time when being a musician only meant creating music but in recent times, with internet, you get to manage and market your own music and be in control of the entire process. You get to tweak and edit your campaign and behave however you want to. Even though marketing can be hard to do, there are some things that you can do to make it better and easier for you.

Email marketing is especially good for you since you get a unique access to your fans personal inbox – you wouldn't get that any other way. You can create great marketing campaigns – with a few easy steps:

1. Create a good subject line

Subject lines are the first thing that people are going to see once your email arrives. This is why it's crucial to write excellent and attention-grabbing subject lines. They have to give out a bit of information on what is in the email, propose an interesting question or be funny in a way that would hook people and invite them to open your email.

As a musician, you could write a subject line that has your personality – people usually like emails that are funny or sarcastic

2. Use actionable language

Imagine an email marketing campaign saying 'if you really want to and if you have some time please check out our white paper' instead of saying 'click here to download our white paper' or a simple 'click here'. Which solution seems better to you?

“Especially as a musician, you want people to click on your link and see your video – you don't want them to just enter shortly and then leave. This is why you need to use action verbs and the kind of language that will get them to click”, – explains  Carrie Dunigan, an Email Marketing Analyst at Australian Help.

However, getting them to stay on the video is another thing entirely and that's where you could incorporate some humor, for instance 'Click here to watch the video. Comment and let us know if you noticed that helicopter that totally interrupted us.'

3. Write in your own voice

People love hearing from people instead of getting an email from a machine or a company. You are a person that they can relate to and you should definitely use that. Spend some time thinking about what your tone and voice will be – how you will address your readers, how personalized your emails will be etc. Then you can proceed to use what you think is best in your communication with your fans.

Just keep in mind that you can be yourself for these people and you should be – they will love you for who you are.

24. Write accurate and reader-friendly emails

Emails with too many grammar mistakes and misspelled words are usually going to end up in spam. This happens because people think that this is unprofessional and since it's so easy to fix it, they believe that you don't care enough about your business.  

Here are some tools that can help you out with that:

Academ advisor and Study Demic are guides, which provide you with free writing tips online.

UK Writings is an online editing tool to help you minimize your style mistakes.

– My Writing Way and Boom Essay are grammar guides, which offer you best practices and tips on writing perfect grammar error-free emails.

Essay Roo is an email-formatting tool to help you format your email for scanners.

– Academized is a subject line generator, recommended by Best British Essays.

Let's Go And Learn and Paper Fellows are both online proofreading tools that can help you catch even the smallest mistakes.

5. Know your audience

Before you do anything else, take the time to get to know your audience. Create surveys and ask them fun questions that can give you good and thorough answers. Use Google Analytics to figure out what is your target audience, engage with them on social media and use all of the information that you have gathered to adapt your emails to suit them.

6. Keep it short

Going on and on about something is never a good idea. People get bored and distracted easily so you need to get to the point quickly and wrap it up.

This way, your readers will be able to get the most information out of your email and then proceed to click on your links and watch your videos or listen to your tunes.

7. Make being on your list worth it

Don't let people regret signing up for your subscribers list. This can happen for various reasons – you send out too many pointless emails, provide no value for them etc. “But you can make being on your list a unique exclusivity. Let them hear your music before anyone else does, pre-purchase your products, offer them special deals, discounts and gifts”, – says Katrina Cochran, a Digital Strategist at Elite Assignment Help.

Final Thoughts

Following these tips will certainly get people to look forward to your emails, open them and read them. Think about what your schedule would be and stick to it. Be honest and interesting in your emails and include as many entertaining details as you can. Email marketing campaigns are a great way to reach your fans and inform them on everything happening in your career.

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