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Orchard Pulls All Labels And Artists Off eMusic For Non-Payment

Emusic2018Music download store eMusic is late paying at least one independent distributor, according to an internal email obtained by Hypebot. The troubles come just as the indie digital retailer launches an ambitious music blockchain project.

On Thursday, The Orchard sent a notice to its artist and label clients that it was taking all of its distributed music off eMusic.

Full text of the the email:

Orchard LogoThe Orchard has been in communication with eMusic on outstanding money owed, and despite threats of takedown, we have failed to receive payments. Therefore, all content through The Orchard has been taken down from eMusic's platform as of July 2018.

Currently, we are considering terminating The Orchard's agreement with eMusic and are evaluating potential paths to rectify the situation. We will keep you posted on progress.

Please contact your label manager if you have any questions

Thank You

Your Team at The Orchard

We've reached out to eMusic for comment and will update this developing story.

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  1. The business model was fine, the repeated rounds of destroying the site and driving off all the users and labels is the problem, and now they are going to drop a cryptocoin? Wtf emusic y’all must be throwing.

  2. orchard not the only ones that havent been paid. they wont even honour take down requests.

  3. If I knew for sure that they were paying out correctly to artists, labels, etc., then I would fully support this site. If they can rectify that, I’ll subscribe again.
    Meanwhile, I’ll buy on Bandcamp. More expensive, but the artists get paid, and CD-quality downloads are available.

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