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Create Free, Simple, Shareable Music Videos With Turn

Screenshot 2018-09-19 08.09.12Developer and artist marketer Lee Martin introduces Turn, a recently launched application which allows users to create a turntable style music video consisting of an audio track and rotating static image, which can then easily be shared across the social media platform.


Guest post by Lee Martin, creator of Turn

My name is Lee Martin and I am a developer who has helped artists market themselves online for over a decade in both full time and freelance roles. I’ve developed online marketing campaigns for a wide range of artists (from Marilyn Manson to Miley Cyrus,) was the first US employee of SoundCloud, and recently headed up Design at Songkick. I consider building tools for artists to be a great privilege.

I recently launched a new application called Turn which takes an image and audio file and creates a new music video which includes a rotating visual of your image. This video can then be shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or any other platform that supports video uploads. You can create a turn video simply by visiting on your desktop or laptop computer and providing an image and audio file. You may also change the background color of your video.

None of the social networks allow you to upload an audio file but all of them allow you to upload a video. I wanted to create a simple tool that could take your existing assets (audio and image) and turn them into a video. In addition, as most of the social apps choose to mute videos by default, I wanted to make sure users know that audio is playing. I believe the most tasteful and nostalgic indicator of music is a rotating disc. Turn videos have the same aesthetic appeal as a vinyl spinning on a turntable and they look nice side-by-side in a collection of social posts.

Turn is free to use and I welcome all suggestions, feedback, and bug reports. You can email me directly. If you do give it a try, please tag your content #TurnAudio so that I may feature your music on our Instagram account. Thank you for you listening! 

Featuring "Vermilion (Red/Orange)" off Bell Mountain's Tertiary Colors EP

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