Running A Band: The Project Management Perspective

2While project management when used in the context of a band may cause some to run screaming, there's a lot to be said for the application of the rules and techniques which apply to project management being implemented in a music business context. In this piece we explore of the dos and do nots of project management and how they can be applied effectively in a music business context.


In this new article from MusicThinkTank, Daniel Matthews details the various ways in which project management techniques can apply to running a band.

"In the age of DIY music, managing your band professionally is an absolute must. Follow the formula of figuring out each bandmate’s role, your band’s goals/timeline, tasks to accomplish goals, and tech to accomplish tasks.

Eventually someone else will do this for you, but only if you do it well in the first place. When no one manages the band, the band doesn’t make any headway, and a professional manager will not be interested in working with you because you’re not big enough yet. Manage your band well, and a pro manager will view your music as an opportunity they can’t pass up.  " 

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