1The motivation behind creating music varies wildly from artist to artist, with some doing so in hopes of fame and fortune, and others just because they feel like it. Here we look at how to strike the delicate balance between making music based solely on your own self-interest, and desperately trying to make music the world will like.

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1While the constant connectedness of today's youth has been well established, just what impact that has on the music industry is somewhat less well documented. One thing which is certain however is the popularity of music videos among the younger demographic, leading to what some are calling the ressurection of the MTV generation.

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1As music PR companies and labels strive to get their artist’s music placed in popular places, it is becoming more and more clear that the industry has changed, with NME stopping their print edition the focus has changed on the digital landscape and how people consume media. But how has this changed for music and influenced the way people consume their music?

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