Spotify newHypebot recently uncovered that Spotify had bestowed "preferred" status on just five of the many distributors delivering music to the platform  That news came alongside the shockwaves that Spotify sent through the distribution sector with two recent announcements. 

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image from celebrityaccess.comUS performing rights organization SESAC announced this week that Kelli Turner has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer. In the new role, she will oversee SESAC’s day-to-day operations and continue to play a key role in setting the strategic direction as well as the overall corporate management of the for-profit company.

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image from newsroom.spotify.comSpotify has revamped its app, giving its paid Premium users more reasons to renew their subscriptions.  Navigation within the app has been simplified and a revamped Search page now incorporates features found in “Browse” including favorite genres and music to match a mood.  Artists Radio Playlists have also been revamped and brought to the forefront.

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1The industry gave a collective gasp of horror when founder Tim Westergren was pulling down $1,000,000 by selling of Pandora stock while simultaneously fighting artists with royalty loopholes. Chris Castle writes that Spotify's Daniel Ek is leaving Westergren in the financial dust with a monthly windfall of $20 million.

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image from musicindustryblog.files.wordpress.comWith news that Spotify had invested in DistroKid and offer it as a distribution conduit to other music services, came speculation as to the music streamer's greater motives.  MIDiA analyst Mark Mulligan sees the move as part of Spotify’s strategy to work way up music's value chain by "a) removing some of the distribution component and b) entering into direct relationships with artists."  But how will the record labels react?

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Cropped-HMMA-logo-512x512-1The Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) has announced its 2019 nominees for music in film, TV, video games, commercials and trailers. With over 500 submissions, nominees were chosen from around the world in genres of music for film, TV and video games, including dramatic feature, sci-fi/ fantasy, documentary and animation.

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CPRImageA Spotify playlist created by NewYork - Presbyterian Hospital, contains only songs with 100 and 120 beats per minute, the perfect rate to perform CPR to. The diverse playlist includes wonderfully appropriate songs like the Bee Gees' "Stayin’ Alive" and "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, and some so, like Mariah Carey’s "Heartbreaker." 

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1While a traditional industry model would have relied on getting a record deal first and them have them provide you with the people necessary to launching your music career, such is no longer the case. That said, when hiring people as a DIY artist, it's a tricky game of choosing the right people while staying inside your budget.

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