Will Payments Fall As Spotify Tests Unlimited Ad Skips?

skipSpotify continues to look for ways to make its free music tier more appealing both to users and advertisers. To that end, the streamer has begun a test that allows all free users to skip audio and video ads as often as the want and get back to listening to music.

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Rocket Songs Is A Marketplace Of Original Songs

Rocket songsJonathan Stone of original song marketplace Rocket Songs joins Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on the Music Biz Weekly podcast.  Music publishing is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been mostly undisrupted by the tech and data revolution.  Rocket Songs is working change that and democratize music publishing. 

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Streaming Music’s Third Wave: Emerging Markets

image from cdn.pixabay.comMusic and media industry analysts MIDiA have just published a report that dives deep into how streaming is, and in some cases is not, gaining traction in emerging markets. The report, summarized here, focuses on Russia, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, China and India. 

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Spotify, Samsung Counter Apple Music's 2 Top Advantages

image from newsroom.spotify.comA major Spotify and Samsung partnership makes the streamer the prefered music partner across all of the company's consumer products. The South Korean tech giant manufacturers phones, tablets, computers, smart watches, speakers and other popular consumer electronics. Samsung is seen as Apple's top rival.

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Musical.ly Investor Bets $17M On Internet Radio

image from scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.netEarly investor Goldwater Capital is betting a substantial hunk of the profits it netted when ByteDance acquired Musical.ly on internet radio.  Korean based Spoon Radio will recieve $17 million from Goldwater and Korean investors Softbank Ventures and KB Investment.

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Musicians Income Rises Even As Streaming Takes Its Toll

image from openclipart.orgThe music industry is undergoing a major resurgence as measured by all indicators except one, according to an extensive study published by Citi GPS. Left behind are the musicians, whose creations make the rest of the music industry possible, but who are receiving less than 12% of the annual revenue.

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Calling 'Bulls**t' On Tim Cook's Anti-Spotify Rhetoric

image from www.hypebot.comApple CEO Tim Cook clearly had Spotify and its algorithmically driven playlists in mind when he said: “We worry about the humanity being drained out of music, about it becoming a bits-and-bytes kind of world instead of the art and craft.” But are Cook's anti-Spotify comments fair?

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Audius Raises $5.5M For 'SoundCloud On The Blockchain'

image from cdn-images-1.medium.comAudius has raised a $5.5 million to use blockchain and cryptocurrency to assure that artists are paid fairly. It's a pitch made repeatedly by numerous startups in recent months, but Audius now has the capital to actually move this game-changing concept forward.  

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CEO Tim Cook Is OK That Apple Music Loses Money, Slams 'Bits-And-Bytes' Streaming

image from pbs.twimg.com“We’re not in it for the money,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook about the tech giant's loss leader Apple Music service.  While these are enough to concern Daniel Ek, it is Cook's dismal of 'bits-and-bytes' streaming that the Spotify CEO will likely find the most upsetting.

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Sensing Blood In Water, Major Labels Sue ISP Cox For 'Ignoring' Their DMCA Notices

1Major labels have for some time been excited by the prospect of being able to use the DMCA to get Internet Service Providers to boot users from the internet, and suing them if they failed. The most prominent victim of this strategy has been ISP Cox, who is now the subject of a bombardment of lawsuits from all the major labels, writes Mike Masnick.

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Court Rejects 'One Size Fits All' Bit Torrent Ruling

1Stephen Carlisle, Esq. wades into the ongoing saga of Bit Torrent litigation. In a decision with major implications. the Ninth Circuit Court recently rejected a "one size fits all"approach to Bit Torrent lawsuits, in which the sins of one case could be brought to bear on others.

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How Amazon’s Twitch.tv Cheats Music Creators

1[UPDATED] In this piece, Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. reveals how both music creators and music rights' owners are both being cheated out of a significant new source of potential revenue when their music is used by Amazon subsidiary Twitch in its live streams.

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Soundbetter Passes $10 Million Paid To Musicians, Producers

soundbetter logoSoundBetter, a marketplace for music production talent, announced that it has delivered over $10 million to artists and producers on the platform. "Most of that in the past 18 months," according to Shachar Gilad, SoundBetter Founder and CEO.

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What It's Like To Be An Artist Today - Ryan Leslie, Emma McGann, Black Coffee, More

1Here a variety of different artists and managers working within the Midem hub recount what it's like to be operating in the music business today, and how changes in technology have effected so many aspects of the industry.

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6 Major Takeaways From Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's Fast Company Profile

Daniel-EkFast Company has published the first in depth interview with Daniel Ek in three years and the first behind the scenes look at the world's biggest streaming service since it went public. While there are no big reveals, it offers a well sourced portrait of a company deeply committed to and quite capable of truly transforming the music business.

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Meet The Google Funded Group That Hacked EU Copyright Vote [David Lowery]

2The EU parliament recently endured several weeks of being bombarded by tweets, calls, emails, and letters opposing Article 13 of the Copyright Directive, which would have forced major tech companies like Google to more tightly regulate copyright on their platforms. This "movement" was the result of a small group of anti-copyright ideologues from Vancouver, writes David Lowery.

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