2While project management when used in the context of a band may cause some to run screaming, there's a lot to be said for the application of the rules and techniques which apply to project management being implemented in a music business context. In this piece we explore of the dos and do nots of project management and how they can be applied effectively in a music business context.

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1For good or for ill, the first impression potential listeners get of you will likely result from whatever online persona you've established for yourself, meaning it's critical to get it right the first time. Here we look at how to establish a solid online persona/reputation, while keeping an eye on how developing technologies could effect you.

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3Arthritis is hugely prevalent in the population, and one of the primary causes of disability in adults. The lifestyle of musicians makes them particularly prone to this ailment due to the repetitive strain practicing and performing can put on one's joints. Here we look at how to keep arthritis at bay, and cope more effectively with it as a condition.

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