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Getting It Done – The Week in DIY & Indie Music: Indies rule Spotify • Show marketing • paid marketing • More

This week, our tips and advice for independent musicians covered how to impress music bloggers, market music on Spotify, and much more…..

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REWIND: New music industry’s week in review – UMG vs TokTok • modern A&R • cassettes • more

Last week was a busy week by any definition, and the music industry was no exception, with ongoing TikTik troubles, A&R tactics, more on music AI, cassettes making a comeback, and more…..

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UMG Publishing and TikTok send dueling messages to Songwriters [Full Text]

With thousands of songs by major and independent artists who are not signed to Universal for recording or publishing now muted in the battle between the music giant and TikTok, both sides stepped up to the bully pulpit with dueling messages to songwriters and the music industry this week…..

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Social Media as an extension of artistry, not a disconnected facade

A strong social media presence is essential for every musician, writes veteran music marketer Melissa d’Engelbronner of FUGA, but its music be an extension of the musician’s artistry, not a disconnected facade…..

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A brief History of Hit Songwriters you’ve probably never heard of

Recent Hypebot stories about how songwriters ar mocking low streaming roaylty rates and Tiffany Red shining a light on unfair song splits, serve as reminders of how much songwriters are the unsung hero’s of the music business….

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QUICK HITS: Range + Nashville + Tanya Tucker • Wavetick licensing launches • Chartmetric adds Smart Filters

Range Media Partners has added a Nashville office, and Range Music is announcing their newest signing, the legendary Tanya Tucker…..

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Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainability in the Music Industry

“Although sustainability is an international concern across all industries,” writes Mathilde Neu of Reprtoir, “its integration into the music business has been bumpy.” But withint he challenges lie important opportunities…..

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Music video release day tips for better performance on YouTube

Marketing success is not guaranteed, no matter how carefully you plan, but here are some tips musicians can use to improve their chances of success on YouTube…..

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MORE MUSIC BUSINESS NEWS: UMG layoffs begin • Spotify + Song Psychic • UK live music crisis • Sound Off #MeToo Report • YouTube copyright claims ↑25% • More

Music Business News Updated Continuously Under The MORE NEWS TAB Above

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Where do A&R and Music Execs go to discover new artists and music?

The chorus of voices telling artists how to “get discovered” would have you believe that A&R and other music execs spend countless hours scouring social media and digging through data to discover new music…..

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