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Climate change is literally melting vinyl records

Recent ultra-hot weather has been causing vinyl records to warp during shipping to record stores and consumers.  The melting is particularly hard on independent labels who have limited resources to. Continue reading

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Creating a marketing budget for an independent artist

Good marketing is essential, and while you do have to spend money to make money, how you budget is essential to the success of your efforts. Guest post by Randi. Continue reading

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Meet Pieter van Rijn, CEO of music distributor FUGA

In this edition of A2IM’s Featured Executive column we’re getting to know Pieter van Rijn, the CEO of of industry-leading music distribution company FUGA. Guest post from A2IM Pieter van. Continue reading

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Navigating the music business as a parent [Op-Ed]

Navigating the music business for yourself is hard enough, but like any high intensity job, doing so while being responsible for a child is harder still, particularly in and industry. Continue reading

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City Winery music venues to require vaccination or test plus masks for all fans, artists, crew

Effective 8/2/21 all indoor guests at the City Winery chain of venues will need to provide proof of vaccination or show a negative Covid test within 72 hours to enter. Continue reading

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New Study shows TikTok’s massive impact on music discovery

TikTok has gained something of a reputation for being a music industry hit-maker, something which a new report MRC Data confirms to be completely true. Do people really listen to. Continue reading

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Apple’s GarageBand adds 10 Sound Packs from Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, top producers

Apple’s GarageBand has added new Sound Packs from 10 top artists and producers. New GarageBand Remix Sessions Users can now learn remixing within the app via two Remix Sessions offering. Continue reading

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FRI. BRIEF: Reservoir goes public • Garageband goes Gaga • melting vinyl • virtual artist gets record deal • more

FRIDAY 7.30.2021 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under MORE NEWS Tab Above

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Fan retargeting explained and how Bandsintown made it easier to sell more tickets

If you are not using retargeting, you are missing an effective way to reach your most interested fans. Unfortunately, too many musicians and even some music marketers don’t understand retargeting. Continue reading

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Facebook video strategy [2021]

Facebook has managed to establish itself as a leading player in the world of online video, but as with so many aspects of marketing on Facebook, the best strategy for. Continue reading

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