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Last Week in D.I.Y. & Indie Music: Synching lyrics • TikTok’s Fan Spotlight • Music Marketing • More

Last week, our tips and advice for the independent, do-it-yourselfers out there covered how to prepare for a music marketing meeting, how to make the most from live gigging, and much. Continue reading

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New music industry’s week in review: Live Nation vs DoJ • Sony vs AI • Songwriters vs Spotify • More

It was a busy week by any definition, and the music industry was no exception. The US DoJ announced that they want to break up Live Nation and Ticketmaster, Sony. Continue reading

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How strong is the case against Live Nation? An anti-trust attorney weighs in

Will the Department of Justice be able to force the breakup of Live Nation and Ticketmaster? How strong is its antitrust case filed yesterday…..

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MIDiA Global Music Projections 2024-2031: On the road to $100 Billion

Discover how the rise of the Global South is set to revolutionize the music industry through 2031. Here are MIDiA Research’s projections and insights into the future of global music.,,,,

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Take the ‘State of Data in The Music Industry’ Survey & Get a Free Report

Water & Music is furthering its mission to be the most comprehensive source of data for the music business with a new survey about how the industry collects and uses data…..

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Mastering Ad Campaigns with the Music Marketing Funnel

The team at The Orchard shares effective music ad campaign strategies with this guide to the Marketing Funnel. Discover which platforms maximize each stage of your marketing strategy and boost your conversion rates…..

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Supreme Court solves only half of the Copyright damages question

Uncover how copyright damages are calculated and what you need to know to protect your creative work. Keep reading to learn the critical factors that courts consider when awarding compensation for copyright infringement…..

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MORE MUSIC BUSINESS NEWS: Live Nation suit reaction • 40 UK fests canceled • Spotify bricks Car Thing, preps Spanish AI DJ • Graceland auction on hold • More

Music Business News Updated Continuously Under The MORE NEWS TAB Above

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DoJ calls for breakup of the Live Nation and Ticketmaster ‘flywheel’

The U.S. Department of Justice and 30 states called for Live Nation and Ticketmaster’s breakup Thursday for allegedly using their dominance in live music to create an “unlawful monopoly” that. Continue reading

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Full text of Justice Department Live Nation-Ticketmaster statement

Read the full text of the statement released by the US Department of Justice on why they are suing to break up Live Nation and Ticketmaster for alleged monopolistic practices that harm fans. artists and independent venues.

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