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Merck Mercuriadis: ‘Hipgnosis Has A Buy And Hold Strategy, Not A Buy And Sell Strategy’

In part two of the Q&A with Merck Mercuriadis of investment/song management company Hipgnosis, we dig deeper into his vision and strategy for the management of the company. READ PART 1. Continue reading

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State of Music Synchronization w/ Synchtank Founder Joel T. Jordan [Part 2]

In part two of this interview with Synchtank founder Joel T. Jordan, the music licensing entrepreneur weighs in on the importance of data efficiency and artistic integrity. Guest post by. Continue reading

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Making The Entertainment Industry More Diverse, Representative [INTERVIEW]

In this interview, California-based music business entrepreneur David Franz discusses his own unique career journey, and the need to make the music business – and entertainment industry as a whole. Continue reading

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Snapchat’s New Spotlight Wants To Become TikTok, By Paying Users

Snapchat recently unveiled it’s new ‘Spotlight’ feature, aimed at accommodating brief, music-driven clips (sound familiar?) along with news that users who create the most popular Spotlight posts will be receiving. Continue reading

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Spotify Unveils Creative Marketplace For Signature Canvas Looping Artwork

In an effort to raise engagement amongst its users, Spotify recently revealed its plan to open the signature Canvas feature up to artists and creatives the world over, allowing more. Continue reading

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How Innovation Can Sink The (Music) Pirate Ship

With many traditional revenue sources for musicians upended by the pandemic, now is the perfect time to look at new revenue streams as well as to tackle stream ripping and. Continue reading

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How Apple Is Writing The New Rules On Content And Distribution

In this piece, Fred Jacobs looks at how Apple is once again flipping industry norms and rewriting the rules, this time through the staggering revenue generated by their App Store.. Continue reading

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6 Vinyl That Do A Lot More Than Just Spin

Here we look at some recent initiatives in the world of vinyl allowing record lovers the opportunity to help contribute to a variety of charitable causes. Guest post by Meredith. Continue reading

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Is It Really Worth It To Hire a Music PR Company?

In this piece, noted PR company skeptic Brian Hazard of Color Theory, details his recent experience taking a chance on a PR Company and whether or not, in the end,. Continue reading

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Warner Music Group Revenue Flat In 2020

Warner Music Group posted their Q4 and full-year results this week showing that revenue was largely unchanged in 2020 for the world’s third-largest music group. According to WMG’s financial statements,. Continue reading

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