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#MusicNFT News: OneOf nabs Pitbull, A2IM’s Let’s Get Digital Summit, Sony lands Baby Shark, a Hip Hop ‘Death Mechanism’ NFT and more

Hypebot is stepping up coverage of the ultra-hot and often confusing music NFT space. Starting today, alongside expert opinions and “How tTo” guides, we’ll be chronicling the flurry of music. Continue reading

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The true impact of Adele’s victory over Spotify

Adele fought Spotify. And Adele won. A guest post by David Deal from SuperHype. As the world knows, Adele recently unleashed her new album, 30, amid the fanfare and fan love. Continue reading

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Spotify’s Culture Next report tells us about Gen Z and millennials’ listening habits

Spotify’s Culture Next report explores Gen Z and Millennials’ listening habits vis-a-vis the Covid-19 pandemic, digital trends, and last year’s social justice movements. A guest post by Janelle Borg of. Continue reading

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4 tips for the introverted musician

From an introvert to another, learn how you can identify your strengths and use them to be a successful artist in an extroverted industry. A guest post by Angela Mastrogiacomo. Continue reading

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Your Morning Coffee Podcast: Grammy surprises • Spotify auto-shuffle • UK streaming law • more

Episode #68 of Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart’s podcast “Your Morning Coffee: Weekly News for the New Music Business” is now live. Episode #68 On this latest episode of the. Continue reading

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How to sell your merch with Spotify Wrapped

A guest post by Randi Zimmerman of SymphonicBlog. Looking for a way to sell more merch? Spotify’s got just the thing. They’ve announced a cool, new opportunity to promote select. Continue reading

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THU. BRIEF: NetEase Music IPO • new TikTok monetization • Spotify, Apple, YouTube review 2021 • more

THURSDAY 12.2.2021 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under MORE NEWS Tab Above

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Despite podcast growth, new Dolby survey shows increased music listening, growing interest in audio quality

A new music survey sponsored by Dolby is filled with optimistic ‘post-pandemic’ news for musicians and the music industry. At a time of growling concerns over podcasts and other audio. Continue reading

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Artist Wrapped has become one of Spotify For Artists most used features [infographic]

Fans love Spotify’s personalized year end round up Wrapped, but according to stats shared by the streamer so do artists. Since its inception in 2017, the number of monthly active. Continue reading

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Small music venues are closing, here’s why

Like many other post-pandemic changes in the music industry, many grassroots venues are closing down for the following reasons. A guest post by Janelle Borg from AmplifyYou. In the Reeperbahn. Continue reading

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