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Last week in music industry commentary

Why is the stage banter captured on live vinyl albums so important? What can we learn from Tim Hortons about the art of audience engagement? re music streaming algorithms sexist?. Continue reading

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Getting It Done: The week in D.I.Y & Indie music

In our tips and trick section this week, we offered indie artists advice on how to build the ideal marketing team, five things all musicians need to stop doing on. Continue reading

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MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Stage persona • Safe live events • Music photography • More

On MusicThinkTank this week, our contributors shared articles on how to cultivate you stage persona, what you need to put on a COVID-safe live show, the search for meaningful engagement. Continue reading

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REWIND: The new music industry’s week in review

In this review of the past week’s music industry events, we revisit Facebook’s decision to add video monetization options, Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’ being released in the US, creators’ new ability. Continue reading

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These things happen every minute on the internet and what they mean to you [infographic]

Social media marketer Lori Lewis has a message for you” Never assume what we’re doing has inherent value. Because this is what people are doing every sixty seconds while we’re. Continue reading

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There are only 30 Black-owned record stores in US, OPEN DOORS chronicles them [video]

Of the 1500 – 2000 independent records in the US, less than 3O are black-owned. OPEN DOORS is a series of 5 short documentaries created by Record Store Day and. Continue reading

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Building your music marketing team using freelancers [Amber Horsburgh]

As an independent artist, what your team looks like is entirely up to you, giving you an option to build from the ground up by hiring for whichever positions suit. Continue reading

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5 things musicians need to stop doing on Twitter

In addition to being one of the most dominant social media platforms out there, Twitter is also an invaluable tool for communicating directly with fans. As with so many forms. Continue reading

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Stage patter captured on vinyl matters: Here’s why

Here David Deal digs into why the stage patter buried in live vinyl albums is still so relevant today, and what it reveals about an artist and their performance style.. Continue reading

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International Music Council joins preservation project Global Music Vault

The International Music Council has recently thrown its support behind the Global Music Vault project, and operation aimed at preserving the world’s music for generations to come. Guest post by. Continue reading

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