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Getting It Done: Last week in D.I.Y. and Indie Music

Last week, our tips and advice for the independent, do-it-yourselfers out there covered how to get into music production, how to get more streams, and more… The truth behind why. Continue reading

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REWIND: The new music industry’s week in review

A busy week by any definition, the music industry was no exception, with Live Nation launching a new merch fee initiative, more songs surpassing a billion monthly streams and more…. Continue reading

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Epic Games sells Bandcamp to Songtradr amid major layoffs

Independent music marketplace Bandcamp has been sold to music licensing platform Songtradr just 18 months after Epic Games acquired it. Epic says it will continue to collaborate with Bandcamp on. Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal: When the algorithm goes too far [MIDiA’s Tatiana Cirisano]

Tatiana Cirisano of MIDiA Research dives into how the borderline mind-reading technology of social media is affecting the music industry. What happens when the algorithm gets a little too close. Continue reading

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The risks and rewards of cover songs

Performing and releasing cover songs can be a great way to excite fans and even reach a new fanbase, however there are some important things you should know before doing. Continue reading

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What are Smart Links? And how to use them for a music release

Smart links are a simple and easy way to send fans straight to your music and socials. Here’s how you can get started… by Joseph Longo of Bandzoogle A Smart Link. Continue reading

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8 Music Marketing tools for Indie Musicians

Looking to improve your music marketing game? No problem. In this post, we’ll give you some of our favorite tools for badass marketing that are easy to use and won’t break the. Continue reading

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MORE MUSIC BUSINESS NEWS: Ticket reform bill introduced, Bandcamp sold, IBMA Awards, No Spotify AI ban & More

FRIDAY 9.29.23 • Music Business News Updated Continuously Under The MORE NEWS TAB Above

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Is BMI Selling or Are They Selling Out Songwriters? [Bill Werde]

or BMI: Another Reason Why the Industry Needs Transparency from PROs.  or Why Songwriters Need to Stop Worrying and Love A Union.  By Bill Werde A version of this essay. Continue reading

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What are the most popular Social Media apps in 2023?

Meta’s Threads signed up 100 million users in days, then struggled to keep them, and X, the app formerly known as Twitter, is a mess. These are just the latest. Continue reading

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