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Music streaming algorithms: Are they sexist?

While predictive data has certainly proven itself to be useful, algorithms, – written as they are by humans – are inherently flawed, and may be dishing up a hefty dose. Continue reading

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7 best places for submitting indie music in 2021

In an effort to keep the thorny process of music submission as simple and productive as possible, we here outline the best places for submitting indie music 2021. Guest post. Continue reading

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Team building for independent artists: The top people necessary for success

Being an independent artist doesn’t mean you need to do everything by yourself, in fact, having a strong team backing you up is invaluable. Here, we share the six most. Continue reading

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What orphan songs can teach the MLC

With the Mechanical Licensing Collective recently receiving $424 and counting in black box royalty payments, a lot of questions are being raised about what the MLC can learn from orphan. Continue reading

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Indie venues on the brink as SBA still not taking SVOG grant applications 7 days after failed launch

The SBA portal designed to administer $16.3 billion in Shuttered Venue Operating Grants (SVOG) to struggling independent music venues, promoters, and agents remained closed Wednesday morning, seven days after its. Continue reading

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WED. NEWS BRIEF: Spotify turns 15 • Sony adds $200M to Epic, Fortnite • iHeart stock hits new high • more

WEDNESDAY 4.14.2021 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under The More News Tab Above

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5 reasons NFTs don’t matter for indie musicians (YET)

There’s been a great deal of buzz lately about how NFTs could be the long awaited savior that rejuvenates the music industry, but if you’re a DIY artist, you might. Continue reading

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How the music industry weighs streaming’s future needs to change, says MIDiA’s Mark Mulligan

Growth in music streaming is slowing, but that doesn’t mean that opportunities for expansion don’t exist if Spotify and others know where to find it, says top MIDiA analyst Mark. Continue reading

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Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’ is released in the US

Just days after Spotify expanded in-app voice controls the streamer has launched its Long promised Car Thing streaming device in the US. Currently, the Car Thing release is invite-only, but. Continue reading

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Rise of regional Latin music: The evolution of Latin music genres

In this concluding part of Chartmetric’s Latin music series, we dig into the evolution behind Latin music’s various genres. Guest post by Francisco Toscano from Chartmetric MIGRANTES + Oscu +. Continue reading

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