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Side Door offers $200 tour support payments to emerging artists in US

D.I.Y. booking platform Side Door is offering stipends to help artists struggling with rising costs on the road and encourage more shows in non-traditional venues. Side Door’s $200 stipend might. Continue reading

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How to get started with YouTube Shorts: A 6-minute video guide

YouTube Short doesn’t get as much attention as TikTok, but the platform has a distinct advantage over its buzzier competitor: its connection with YouTube, the videos added, and fans already. Continue reading

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Indie Spotlight: Weav interactive music NFTs

Want to breathe new life into your music with exciting technology? Weav works with artists to create interactive versions of their music. Weav’s NFT collections are a combination of artistry. Continue reading

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A guide to Twitter alternative Mastodon and joining the fediverse

For those looking to move from Twitter or at least hedge their bet, Mastodon and its shared Fediverse are among the most popular destinations. Here’s a guide to Mastadon, the. Continue reading

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A step-by-step guide to releasing an EP and why you should want to

Got a few tracks ready to go but not quite ready for an expensive and time-consuming full album launch? An EP could be your answer. Here’s a guide to get. Continue reading

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TikTok shares Top Songs of 2022

From new songs to classics, the top tracks on TikTok in 2022 came from established, emerging, and breakthrough artists, spanning a range of genres. But while TikTok is growing overall,. Continue reading

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MUSIC NEWS: Live Nation tops ’22 touring • Apple adds Sing • House joins Swift presale probe • GigPig • more

WEDNESDAY 12.7.22 • Music Business News Updated Continuously Under The MORE NEWS TAB Above

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How musicians can make the most of Spotify Wrapped, including a lesson from Marielle Kraft

Spotify Wrapped 2022 has launched with personalized year-end reviews sent to 456 million Spotify users and hundreds of thousands of artists. Here are some tips on how to make the. Continue reading

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How to start a fan club the right way with Stone Foxes’ Shannon Koehler

Shannon Koehler from The Stone Foxes sits down with Michael Brandvold to discuss their fan club, The Fox Den, and what they’ve learned about running it. The Stone Foxes launched. Continue reading

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The Sound of 2022: AI analyzes the year’s top tracks

As the year approaches its end, we can now look back on where the music took us in 2022 with help from Musiio-powered artificial intelligence. by WILL BETTS from the. Continue reading

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