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Drive For Musical Cohesion Can Stifle Creativity: Here’s How

Identifying with a certain genre of music, and being influenced (as we all are) by the kind of music you enjoy can often influence what kind of music you create,. Continue reading

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Singles Vs. Albums: What Performs Better In 2020 [VIDEO]

As the music economy continues to shift the ways in which we consume content, opinions differ on the ‘best’ way to release in the year. Here we look some tips. Continue reading

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Is AI Better Than A DJ?

As artificial intelligence continues encroach on the creative sector, more traditionally ‘human’ spaces are being taken over, including music curation. But are these robotic DJs better than their organic counterparts?. Continue reading

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Indie Label Spotlight On Partisan Records

In this addition of the Label Spotlight series from Spotify for Artists, we look behind the curtain of Partisan Records, and how the label grew from its bedroom beginnings to. Continue reading

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The One Thing More Important Than Success

While much of the discussion around cultivating a music industry career emphasizes the importance of ‘making it’ this piece takes a different angle, arguing that, when it comes to music,. Continue reading

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Amazon Music Goes From Dark Horse to Thoroughbred

Amazon Music was not taken seriously when it entered the marketplace with a limited music service tied to an Amazon Prime delivery subscription. Many iterations and 55 million subscribers later,. Continue reading

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Why Personalisation Leads To More Successful Email Pitches: What To Know

No matter where you are in your music career, writing a well-crafted pitch email is essential for advancing in the music business. Maybe you’re trying to land a festival slot,. Continue reading

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Guide To Enjoying Your Outdoor Music Festival Experience

There’s more to an outdoor music festival than just seeing your favorite bands perform, and whether you’re making a pilgrimage across the country or just heading to your local fairgrounds,. Continue reading

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FRI. BRIEF: Lucian Speaks – $10M FYE Sale To Sunrise/HMV – $1M Ditto Blockchain Play – More

FRIDAY 1-24.2020 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under The More News Tab Above

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The Song Economy Is Just Getting Started: Here’s Why

Keith Jopling explores the development of the burgeoning song economy. This new music industry growth engine has spurred decades-old chestnuts back to the top of the charts, as well as. Continue reading

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