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Musicians: How to protect yourself from false promises, fake streams and digital scam artists

From fake streams to false opportunities from major record labels, there is no shortage of scammers preying on the dreams of musicians hoping to move their careers forward. We’ve all. Continue reading

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Highlight raises $11M for web3 no-code fan clubs of the future

Highlight has closed an $11 milliuon seed fundiing to build out a platform that empowers musicians and other creators to create no-code web3 based fan communities. The round was led. Continue reading

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How much should you sell your CDs for?

There is much more that goes into pricing your merch and music than choosing a number that sounds right. Keep reading to learn how to find the perfect cost for. Continue reading

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What to do when you doubt your career in music

Most musicians took a hit during the pandemic, leading some to second guess their music careers. Indie musicioans Monica Strut shares tips on how to get your head back on. Continue reading

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How to attract fans with short, looping visuals using Spotify’s Canvas

Watch artists and experts share insights on using Canvas – short, looping visuals that immerse listeners in your track – in this episode of Spotify For Artist’s Game Plan. from. Continue reading

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Is there a Billboard Music Awards bump?

We examine the effect of the Billboard Music Awards on the ceremony’s performing and non-performing artists. by Rutger Ansley Rosenborg from Chjartmetric’s How Music Charts On Sunday, the music world. Continue reading

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TOP POSTS: Last week’s most read posts on Hypebot

Last week’s most read posts on Hypebot include how your personality matches your music taste, new Instagram updates, and more. How your music preferences match your personality traits New Instagram. Continue reading

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MUSIC BUSINESS NEWS: Lamar, Styles smash records • web3’s Highlight adds $11M • Live Nation SBA SVOG exposé • Sold Out: Making Vinyl • more

MONDAY 5.23.2022 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under MORE NEWS Tab Above

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Getting It Done: The week in D.I.Y. & Indie Music

This week, our tips and advice for the independent, do-it-yourselfers out there covered 5 new music marketing strategies, understanding NFTs for musicians, and more. Everything you need to know about. Continue reading

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REWIND: The new music industry’s week in review

A busy week by any definition, the music industry was no exception, with music fans demanding climate change, the announcement of new Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame inductees,. Continue reading

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