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How To Use Bandsintown To Build A Fanbase [VIDEO]

The latest Bandsintown For Artists webinar “How To Use Bandsintown To Build A Fanbase For Free” offered practical tips on building an audience Watch the replay and learn: How to. Continue reading

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Effort To Put Every Musical Melody Into Public Domain Reveals Craziness Of Modern Copyright

Musicians Damien Riehl and Noah Rubin attempted to get ahead of questionable copyright cases like those involving Blurred Lines and Dark Horse by attempting to put every conceivable melody on. Continue reading

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Ambient Music’s Rise & Evolution: New Forms, Applications

While ambient music is often dismissed as glorified elevator music by much of the population, the reality is that the genre has as much depth and complexity as any other. Continue reading

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Spotify India Shares Stats, Trends

One year after Spotify launched in India the streamer is sharing some stats and trends. The Stats 6,400 Indian creators are using Spotify for Artists. (Not a huge number given. Continue reading

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Chrysalis Records Relaunches As Frontline Label

Iconic record label Chrysalis Records has announced it will be relaunching as a frontline label and to release new music for the first time in more than two decades. To. Continue reading

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THU. BRIEF: Songtrust Grows Globally • Spotify India Stats • Apple Music Unwraps 2020 Early • More

THURSDAY 2.27.2020 • Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under The More News Tab Above

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How 4 Cents Can Buy A Fan’s Email Address

Just 4 cents can “buy” your fan’s email address. This is not a cautionary tale of internet email thievery, but rather a hopeful one of giving fans something they want. Continue reading

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A Good Time To Be A Songwriter As Universal Music Publishing Connects Others With Royalty Portal

While some legacy songwriters are nostalgic for royalty systems from days gone by, the reality is that such systems were sluggish and often unreliable when it came to actually paying. Continue reading

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Legal Basics For DIY Artists

For independent bands and musicians out there, the legal side of the music business can be thorny territory. Here, we break down the four legal basics of operating as a. Continue reading

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Mass Copyright Infringer TikTok Shouldn’t Be Eligible For Compulsory Mechanical License

Musician and artist advocate David Lowery argues that TikTok’s parent company ByteDance should not be allowed to obtain compulsory mechanical licenses to launch a streaming service because of the level. Continue reading

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