In the “old” days, labels had to develop lists of radio stations, separate them by genre, then mail promotional copies of recordings in an effort to get the music out to the public. It required a huge investment and infrastructure. Consider the fact that there are some 85,000 traditional, internet, satellite, commercial, noncommercial and college radio stations. Add to the mix around 10,000 club DJ’s who have become a force to be reckoned with in terms of promotion and you have a formidable task and expense. It’s estimated there are some 12 million new CD titles produced annually.

Enter Sounds 24-7 with a proprietary distribution system that may revolutionize the industry. Now authorized radio stations and DJ’s can access promotional copies of music through the Sounds 24-7 Internet site. Along with the music, pictures, promotional materials, biographies, concert calendars submitted by the artists or labels.

Major labels are being offered access to the Sounds 24-7 system at no cost for a period of 24 months. The only charge, if the label opts for it, would be for playtime reporting. Independent artists and labels will pay a nominal fee for this invaluable exposure, Radio stations and club DJ’s will be able to access the system for periods varying from 6 months to 2 years, depending on their category.


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