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Free iPods For Duke Univ. Freshmen


“DURHAM, N.C. (AP)–Duke University will soon give its freshmen a trendy item it hopes will be a cutting-edge learning tool.

The university has announced a deal with Apple to distribute 1,650 iPod digital music players to its first-year students. Duke will get a discount from the computer manufacturer, then give the players free to freshmen.
The iPods generally are used to store and play music. The 20 gigabyte model, which the students will get, can hold about 5,000 songs.

But the ones Duke will give out come stocked with school-related information, including information for freshman orientation, the academic calendar, campus tours and even the school’s fight song.
The university also will create a Web site modeled on the Apple iTunes site from which students can download music and course content from faculty, including language lessons, lectures and audio books. The iTunes site allows users to download music legally.

The program is a one-year experiment, but could be renewed. Although it is limited to freshmen, underclassmen enrolled in a class where the devices are being used will receive a loaner. The school ordered 150 additional iPods that can be loaned to those students or faculty members.

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