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Musicmatch Makes Sharing Track With Friends Via Email Legal

FROM THE HOLLWOOD REPORTER: Online music company Musicmatch unveiled its latest release, which allows people to e-mail their favorite music to friends without breaking any laws. The new feature is part of Musicmatch on Demand and comes integrated into the company’s Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0. Bob Ohlweiler, Musicmatch’s senior vp business development, said subscribers can now compile a playlist that can be e-mailed to friends. If the recipient is not a subscriber, he or she can then listen to each song three times at no charge, after which the track converts to a 30-second clip. If the recipient is a subscriber, the playlist does not time out. “People discover music either by listening to the radio or when somebody recommends it,” Ohlweiler said. “We offer great radio, and with this new feature we have both of the primary music discovery methods.”

hypeblog: friends sharing music with friends…this has huge promotional potential.

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