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Semisconic Drummer Pens Book On Rock

semisonicSemisonic drummer Jake Slichter has written what GQ Magazine called, “One of the funniest most incisive books about rock ‘n roll in recent mystery. On

You’d think it was all sex, drugs, fame and — occasionally — music.

But being a member of a hit rock band is a little more complex than that. There are the flat audiences, the endless travel, and always, always, the money. Record labels keep tabs on every cent they advance you; accountants play games with the cash you think you have. And that’s not to mention the borderline activities it takes to get your song on the radio.Jacob Slichter, the drummer for the band Semisonic, has seen both sides. His band struggled for success in the beginning; then it had a huge hit single, “Closing Time,” and dealt with problems it never imagined.

Slichter kept track of it all and has written a book, “So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star” (Broadway).

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