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T-Mobile UK Launches Music Downloads For Cell Phones

TMobEarstmobile_logo_204x35T-Mobile, the second largest mobile group in the Western world, today announces the launch of Ear Phones, introducing a totally new category in music, enabling customers for the first time to browse, download, store and play CD quality, digital music in their T-Mobile phones…

“Ear Phones is simple and rapid. With Mobile Jukebox, three clicks and you can browse and download. On 2.5G phones, download is approximately 2 minutes a mobile mix track. On 3G phones, it is around 30 seconds a mobile mix track… And, with Ear Phones, there is no second stage of transferring from PC or Mac to digital music player; no need to buy a separate digital music device…

“At current rates of sale and upgrade of customer handsets, T-Mobile conservatively estimates it will have sold over 1 million Ear Phones by mid next year, and over 4 million by end of 2006.”

Read this press release online here.

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