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Why Isn’t Any Band Really Using The Techonolgies?

buttonAfter reading Bob Lefsetz’s piece (posted on hypebot a couple of days ago) on the unusual promotion and distribution model used for the new documentary OUTFOXED I realized how surprised I am that no music act (or at least no major artist or strong buzz act) has taken a similar path.

Why couldn’t any band with the start of a following:

– do their pre-release promo via P2P and free downloads.

– have their kick off party with a concert net broadcast on Emusic Live.

– send broadcast promo copies via email or download to net and satellite radio stations…people who actually still like music (heck, I suppose if an over-the-air station got off their ass and asked for a copy then maybe the band could email them one too).

– send press copies via email or download to hundreds or thousands of music of web sites, fan sites, listserv hosts, blogs (and traditional press if they ask nicely). Attach a Sonicbids Electronic Press kit or a link to press and bios on a web site

– distribute only via iTunes and all the paid download services plus net stores like Amazon and at live shows. (retail is bankrupt, anyway).

– spread the word with E-cards, ring tones, “fans create the digital music video” contest, fan re-mix and mash-up sites…all of the affordable tools that the net makes possible.

– keep the fans interested and visiting their web site with downloadable bonus and live tracks. Organize then into digital street teams

– give themselves tour support by selling affordable live CD’s at each gig.

I could go on and on..but why isn’t this happening? Does know one have any guts?

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