Big Champagne’s Weekly Download Chart


Internet download watchdog Big Champagne’s weekly chart may just be the only accurate measure of what music the public really wants. No economic motives. No label manipulation (yet). Just what people are downloading. As music industry pundit Bob Lefsetz writes, “BigChampagne evidences what the public REALLY wants, and in what quantities. Their information is SO good that labels pay them for it, even though out of the other side of their mouths these same companies state that P2P is a cancer on our society that they’re eradicating in the name of creativity.”

“But they’re NOT eradicating it.” continues Lefsetz. “File-trading is DOUBLE what it was last year. In July, 7.1 MILLION people were trading files worldwide at one time. In this same month, 20 million people a WEEK were trading files on P2P networks in the U.S.”

“It’s an underground economy. That the major labels refuse to monetize. It’s evidence that there’s HUGE demand for labels’ wares, it’s just that they’re not selling them in a fashion PALATABLE to consumers.”

LW TW : Artist .: Track

#01 #01 Nelly My Place

#02 #02 Lil’ Flip Sunshine

#12 #03 Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved

#08 #04 D12 How Come

#20 #05 Kevin Lyttle Turn Me On

#07 #06 Houston I Like That

#03 #07 Usher Confessions Part 2

#04 #08 Juvenile Slow Motion

#09 #09 Ashlee Simpson Pieces Of Me

#32 #10 Lloyd Banks On Fire

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