Broadband Users Outnumber Dial-up

thr_logo_2003From The Hollywood Reporter: “Early Internet entrepreneurs envisioned a day when consumers would devour short bites of entertainment on their computer screens delivered over the Internet by fat broadband pipes. When the companies failed, executives blamed it on slower-than-expected adoption of broadband on behalf of consumers.

Now, about four years after the Pop.coms of the world went under but not before burning through hundreds of millions of dollars, Americans who surf the Internet using a broadband connection finally outnumber their narrowband counterparts.

Nielsen//NetRatings reported Wednesday that last month 63 million Americans, or 51% of the country’s online population, used a high-speed DSL, cable or ISDN connection, while 61.3 million, or 49%, used slow-speed modems no faster than a traditional 56K dial-up system.”

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