Live Online Radio Pioneer 97X

97xFrom The Radio Internet Newsletter and The Cincinnati Post: “The 23-year-old Oxford, Ohio-based alternative music station 97X always billed itself as ‘The Future of Rock.’ With its new Web cast, which debuted July 12, it might want to call itself ‘the future of Web casting and alternative broadband distribution.’

“The Internet-only ‘broadcast’ comes about after owner Doug Balogh sold the terrestrial signal to Dallas-based First Broadcasting earlier this year, which took over the signal in May…

“The Web cast features live DJs from 9 a.m.-11 p.m. with the feel of a radio station on the Internet. ‘Everything you hear on the Internet is either computer programmed or a rebroadcast of a terrestrial signal,’ (general manager Bryan) Miller said. ‘I don’t think anyone is doing this in terms of having a live jock at the controls.’

“Miller said 97X Web listening numbers are now as high as they were before the sale of the station…

“Indeed, an Internet-only radio station may be years ahead of the game, relying on technology to catch up that makes Internet radio listening like regular radio. For example, Apple is marketing a new wireless system that lets users easily channel their computer music through existing stereo systems. Technology is approaching where broadband delivery through cell phones will be cheaper and easier, meaning one could then listen in cars, a true breakthrough for Internet-based music providers.”


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