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The RIAA Files 744 More Lawsuits Against Downloaders

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the evil empire represented by the RIAA have “filed lawsuits against 744 unidentified people in nine states Wednesday, claiming copyright breaches by Internet users who used file-sharing services to facilitate illegal downloads of music and movies. The suits are the latest in an intensified hardball tactic by the music industry trade association, which renewed its pledge “to pursue copyright infringement online wherever it may arise.” It is the highest number of suits the RIAA has fielded in a single day since its aggressive legal campaign against unauthorized downloading began last year. In what has become a monthly tradition for the RIAA, the lawsuits seek subpoenas compelling Internet service providers to hand over defendants’ names and addresses. Also Wednesday, the RIAA refiled an additional 152 lawsuits against alleged violators who initially had been sued as “John Doe” defendants and, once identified, either declined or ignored settlement offers.”

When will the suits learn that they are on a futile and distructive misson?

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