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54% of Cell Phones Will Double As Digital Music Players By 2009

Cell phones capable of storing and playing digital music will grow to account for 54% of the global market by 2009, when high-speed 3G cellular networks are more widely deployed, according to a report from Boston-based market research firm Strategy Analytics.

The firm pointed to Nokia’s 3300 and 5510 handsets, as well as Motorola’s alliances with MTV and Apple to illustrate the growing interest in such devices. It also predicts that MP3 will remain a requisite format even on cell phones. “Music will be a ‘bridesmaid’ value-add mostly found on converged devices and high end camera phones until 3G services are more widely deployed,” said Strategy Analytics analyst Chris Ambrosio. “Then, it is up to device vendors to make significant improvements in sound quality reproduction, storage capacity, wireless-fixed connectivity, and the user interface to make cellular music a broader reality.”

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