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P2P News: Emusic Gets Makeover & Napster Goes Public

FMQB reports that “Two of the old school members of the digital download world are making some changes in the near future. “

“Emusic will relaunch their subscription service this Wednesday, with a new focus on independent labels. Songs will also be unprotected, unlike tracks bought from iTunes or MSN Music. According to CNet, the service will also be re-designed and include new features such as recommendations from both music writers and other eMusic users. The service will carry more than just lesser-known artists, with songs from Beck, Ray Charles, Moby, and many more. eMusic was recently purchased by Dimensional Associates, who own a variety of music industry ventures.”

“The grandaddy of digital music, Napster which will become publicly traded as soon as October. Last month, Napster’s parent company Roxio sold off its other holdings to eventually change the company over to just Napster. It will trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange as NAPS.”

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