Portable Internet Radio Service For MP3 Players Launchee In Europe

FMQB reports that that web-based Audio Feast Inc. has rolled out the first portable internet radio service, delivering some 400 channels of news, sports and entertainment radio programming in a format for MP3 players, mobile devices and PCs. The company also announced plans to add portable music to its subscription service in October.

“Our goal is to re-ignite the passion consumers once felt for radio programming, and deliver that experience on a portable player in high fidelity,” Audio Feast’s Co-Founder/CEO Tom Carhart tells DME. “Although the market for MP3 players and online music services has undergone explosive growth in recent years, the task of searching for compelling content and loading it on a portable player is still a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process for consumers.”

The media distribution system called the Virtual Broadcast Network delivers radio programming to a variety of portable devices, and over several networks. Audio Feast has already licensed content from more than 70 media partners including A&E, Bloomberg Radio, BBC Radio, Discovery Channel, History Channel, NPR, SportsNews Radio and The Wall Street Journal Radio Network. As the service expands in the coming weeks, another 100 channels of music will be added, including Pop, Jazz, Electronica, Trance, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Classical genres and more. The Network enables Audio Feast to manage and secure digital content in varying formats, then delivers it digitally to consumers. A one-year subscription for programming costs $49.95. Pricing for Audio Feast’s music service will be announced in October.

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