AOL Music Becomes Industry Force

FMQB reports that “AOL Music has lately become the top online destination for music fans that want to catch the latest video or performance from their favorite artist. In fact, according to the New York Daily News, AOL Music will host the premiere of U2’s new video for their single “Vertigo” later this week, exclusively online. By comparison, when the band unveiled their “Beautiful Day” video in 2000, they did it in an hour long VH1 special.”

“AOL has become a very significant player in the launch of our new videos and new music,” Atlantic Records Chairman Jason Flom told the Daily News. “They have a dedicated music audience and we can tell how many people are tuning in.” According to ComScore Media Metrix research, AOL Music had 13.3 million unique visitors in the month of September. Factoring in AOL’s other online music channels, the service reached almost 20 million music fans last month.”

…”AOL Music aired an exclusive Usher concert the day before the release of his album Confessions earlier this year. Confessions sold 1.1 million copies in its first week in stores. “It dramatically increased first week sales,” Virgin Records General Manager Larry Mestel said to the Daily News. Mestel was part of Usher’s label Arista at the time of the concert special.”

“Of AOL Music’s increasing success, AOL’s Harrison says, “MTV is playing fewer videos and radio has become more challenged. The landscape has changed and we’ve created a must-see destination for artists.”

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