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If you need a lesson in how music marketing and promotion is effected by the internet and the immediate communication by and between almost anyone who has an interest or opinion watch how this Ashlee Simpson gaff on Saturday Night Live plays out. In any other era this would have been over a day or two after it happened. This who saw if (and cared) would have brought it up on Monday at school or work. Two thirds of their friends and co-workers would have said “Ashlee who?”; and most of the other third would have said “Who cares?”.

But with the net her mistake, how badly she handled it, and what it means about her lack of talent have spread like wildfire. Check out any music or celebrity chat room. And if you missed it you can even see it over and over and over again on the net at places like

Her label defended her right after the mistake when they should have stayed silent like MTV did when Janet Jackson bared her breast. But no! Someone thought they could help fix it. Not anymore. The power is with the people now.

If her handlers were smart they’d have her sing LIVE at her scheduled appearance on NBC’s Radio Music Awards. But no they won’t do that because SHE CAN’T SING.

While we’re at it…why isn’t there any backlash pointed at Saturday Night Live for booking such crap?

And dare we hope that there will be backlash against other no-talent pop goddesses?

Hypebot also just had to share this actual post that we found when researching this from a fan on Ashlee’s official web site. We guess for this young fellow it was never about music anyway:

I figure now that you are getting so much negative publicity, the type of guys you normally date think you’re gross and would never touch you. That’s ok, they’re all assholes. I figure since you have Jessica’s genes, you’ll eventually become really really hot. If you live in California, or even if you don’t because you can afford to move, please IM me at acalaneslax on aim.

Now, i’ve done many porn searches for you, and figure since I got no results you must be under 18. That’s good, because I can buy R movie tickets so let’s just say I’m 17.

So, that’s acalaneslax @ aol. Please.

I love you and think lipsyncing is sexy and it’s what real artists do. And hey, fuck your bandd (no fuck me actually) they’re all assholes for playing the wrong song. I can be your band. I play guitar and drums and I rock and love playing girly songs. PLZ OMg

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