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Clear Channels Fogel Blames Poor Concert Ticket Sales On Lack Of “Exciting Events”

President Of Clear Channel Entertainment’s touring division, Arthur Fogel is blaming the lack of “exciting events” for the current downturn in concert ticket sales. “I think there were frankly a lot more (marginal) shows this summer than usual. It seems to be across the board in terms of musical genre and demographics, save for a handful that are doing great business,” Fogel told the Hollywood Reporter. “What it really comes down to is fans need to be truly excited. When you strip everything away, the fundamental issue is that there just aren’t enough of those exciting events.”

Fogel went on to add that many acts were simply touring too often particularly in the summer months. But he didn’t give an inch on high ticket prices as well as ticketing and facility charges as major causes for the slump. Fogel sees no difference between the Super Bowl (which charges much higher ticket prices than to regular season games) and a Madonna concert in a particular city. Fogel asks, “Is it less of a major event for the people in that market?” The fact that there is only one Super Bowl each year and Maddona does 50 – 75 concerts on a tour went unchallenged by The Reporter.

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