HDTV On Your Cell Phone

The convergance of media devices continues as the NY Times reports that “miniature mobile phones, which already double as cameras, Internet devices and music players, are poised to merge with the largest of home appliances, the television. “

“The cellphone industry is working to build phones able to receive high-definition television signals over the air, even though HDTV has yet to make its way into most American living rooms.”

“Texas Instruments, the largest maker of computer chips for mobile phones, plans to announce today that it is developing technology that will allow wireless handsets to receive hundreds of high-definition channels. The phones would not be marketed until 2007.”

“Although Sprint and AT&T Wireless currently offer a service that allows cellphone users to watch live streaming from more than a dozen television channels over the cellular networks, the picture delivery is very slow and not much like a real TV viewing experience.”

hypebot: “If they can watch TV they sure can stream audio which would mean that tens of thousands of internet broadcasts would be available anywhere there was a phone signal….”

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