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Music Choice & Sprint Create Mobile Phone Music Channel

Music Choice and Sprint have luanched a music subscription service designed for mobile phone users complete with video and programmed channels. This is the first music streaming service available to U.S. mobile consumers. Music Choice president and CEO David Del Beccaro said that the service was designed so that people who might only have a few minutes at a time can enjoy it. Subscribers choose from a variety of music genres plus news, gossip, live performances and other content produced by Music Choice. Music Choice joins streaming audio and video from such sources as NBC, CNN, ABC, Fox Sports, the Weather Channel, Discovery, E! Entertainment, mFlix, 20th Century Fox, and the Cartoon Network.

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  1. To: music choice: I have been enjoying your music for some time now, but noticed that you do not play Elvis, that’s sad for you, but sadder for me and thousends like me who love the country music, but also love Elvis’s music. Why can’t you mingle the two together? Elvis sang lots of country songs, He only wanted to be accepted by the country singers, it was so bad when they turn thier backs to him, what if it had been them that happened to, would they have had what it took to stand alone, I don’t know of one of them that would have made it. Yes, we have great singers out there, who had each other to share bad times with, He had no one,and He was there because country singers would not let him in. Tell me are they still so stuck on themselves that they can’t share a small space and let his music in – He has not been able to compete for a very long time now. Come on, won’t you play some of his country mixed in with all others, it would be so nice and you would make a lot of people say THANK YOU keep the good music going!!!!

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