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Survey Of At-Work Online Activites Shows No Net Listernership. Or Does It?

FROM MEDIAPOSTS ONLINE SPIN: Burst_media "BURST! Media just released a survey that hones in on 10,000 Internet users at work. I was surprised to see that most employees do not use it for even three hours of their workday. The percentage of U.S. employees using the Net for three or more hours while at work is 27.4 percent for males and females ages 18 to 24. For workers ages 25 to 34, 32.2 percent of males use the Web three or more hours per day, compared to 24.9 percent of females. Additionally, about one-fifth of all workers ages 45 and over use the Internet to this extent."

"Reasons employees say they use the ‘Net at work: To stay informed: 56%; Work hours are the best time to conduct their personal business online: 25.5%; Faster Internet connection at work than at home: 23.2%."

"Activities: Sending e-mail or IMing a friend or family member 59.9%; Checking news 53.9%; Looking up the weather 41%; Product research 35.1%; Checked entertainment schedules 32.4%; Purchased a product 31.4%; Conducted online banking 30.9%; Looked up travel information 30.5%; Checked sports news/scores 26.6%; Looked up health information 26.3%; Made travel arrangements 21.2%; Sent online greeting cards 20.4%."

The online buzz in the last few days regarding the survey has been the absence of on-line radio in the survey.  Could it be that those surveyed consider listening to net radio a passive activity not worth mentioning?  If one did a survey a decade ago would listening to broadcast radio have registered?

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