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I have to admit that we thought Napster’s new 10,000 "rental" service was a potential step in the right direction.  An ever revolving customizable 10,0000 song collection available for for the cost of 10-12 CD’s made sense to us. 

Napsterlogo_3 But it didn’t long for someone to break Napster’s code and figure out how to make the rental collection permanently yours.  As the blog Gizmodo reports, "You know, if you sign up for Napster-to-Go and don’t realize that your music is going to disappear when you stop paying them money, you’re not a victim of the bloodsucking media barons—you’re a tard. Once, I payed the cable company $50 a month, but then I stopped paying them, and they turned off my cable! Fortunately, I was smart enough to record all my favorite episodes of That’s So Raven, which was against the rules of the contract that I signed up for, but hey! Tough shit."

"So here’s a way to record music you’re getting from Napster-to-Go into WAV Napsterbunny_6 files, to be burned to CDs or re-encoded to your compressed music file of choice. But you’re not asserting your rights to culture; you’re ripping off Napster. I mean, I don’t care, I steal plenty of music, but let’s be legit about this: If you have a problem with copyright laws, don’t think that breaking the rules of a company that’s working with the RIAA is actually changing anything except the amount of money you’re giving to artists (or at least scum-sucking middle men)."

Here are the instructions.

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