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CD Sales Weak. Can Springsteen And The DualDisc Save It?

From Digital Music News: "Soundscan figures for the most recent week showed a slight improvement, inching up 4% over previous week numbers…with weekly units approaching 10 million without a major smash album. But compared to same period totals from 2004, the story is still disappointing, with total sales in 2005 lagging behind the mark by 9.9%…"

Dualdiscs_1"The Springsteen release, Devils & Dust, will be the most high profile DualDisc release to date and a big test for the format. Whether the combined CD/DVD discs will pump new life into a sagging retail story is unclear, though certainly big backing is coming from executives like Sony BMG CEO Andy Lack. Meanwhile, the continued mediocrity at retail could be a big issue for the imminent Warner Music IPO, with questions looming over just how much profitability is ahead for the company."

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