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People Not Payola Pick The Hits

Latimes_7Respected LA Times music writer Robert Hilburn writes that "'s naive to think payola is responsible for the music that gets on the radio. In other words, it's going to take more than Eliot Spitzer to stop the commercial juggernaut of hip-hop and R&B."

"...Mainstream radio stations play hip-hop, R&B and teen pop because that's what target audiences want to hear. The payola settlement isn't likely to change that."

Sonybmg_10 "...Trust me, Sony and other major labels aren't interested in keeping anything off the air. They are interested in selling records. They'd release an album of dog howls if they thought it would go platinum."

"...The hip-hop revolution didn't start because record executives suddenly took a fancy to the renegade sound. Hip-hop artists sold millions of albums on indie labels before most major labels woke up to the music's potential. It was a repeat of what happened in the '50s, when rock 'n' roll too was born on indie labels."

Motorradio_2"The power in determining hits rests with the public, and no one knows this better than radio programmers."

"...That's not to say that promotion (including practices in violation of anti-payola laws) can't help an individual new record worm its way onto radio playlists; of course it can. But the record won't stay there unless listeners accept it. If you could guarantee a hit through payola, major labels wouldn't have to drop artists left and right because of poor sales."

Indietvcrowd_6 "...One better way to spend the promotion money would be greater tour support, which should help rock acts who have the most trouble getting mainstream airplay these days, or long-term career development. Many of the major rock acts of recent years, including Bruce Springsteen and U2, depended in their early days more on touring than on radio."

"...The more likely scenario is that executives will soon be back with new promotional schemes that again test the boundaries of payola..."


Robert Hilburn, pop music critic of The Times, can be reached at


  • New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer concluded a payola investigationinvolving Sony BMG Sonybmg_9 this week. The major was forced to pay a $10 millionfine, considered by most to be a slap on the wrist. Now, attention turns to upcoming action against other labels.
  • Elsewhere, President Bush appointed an anti-piracy czar, part of theDepartment of Commerce. The move will renew pressure against countries like China and Russia, both of whom have rampant levels of copyright infringement.
  • Both Apple and MSN raised their wholesale payout on downloads in the US, leveling the playing field between independents and major labels.
  • Xmradio_31 XM and Napster announced a new partnership, with the pair outlining a system that will allow satellite listeners to earmark specific tracks for download later. The satellite radio provider also widened its relationship with Starbucks. And late in the week, XM reported strong subscriber and revenue jumps for the most recent quarter, though profits levels remain a concern.
  • And Panasonic launched a new online music store, with Loudeye powering the backend. The site coincided with the release of a new Panasonic MP3 player line.

Our New Favorite Player: WINAMP

Winamp_3Hypebot's new favorite (free) mp3 player particularly for internet streaming is WinAmp.

It has a simple interface and tuner which lists a couple of free hundred internet broadcast streams including Radio Paradise, great AAA FM's like KCRW, WMVY and WXPN and several others that usually are "subscriber only" including decent quality streams form RadioIO (multiple channels) , and legendary elclectic rocker KPIG - all on one tuner!

For only $14.95 you can add the ability to rip CD's.  Download here.

CC Radio's Harrison Reveals Net Strategy

FMQB interviews Clear Channel Radio's internet guru Evan Harrision, "It’s been a little over eight months since Harrison’s arrival..."


Clearchannelharrison"...On the Sneak Peek initiative: "There are a lot of options these days for artists and managers and I want to make sure we’re in that game aggressively. What Sneak Peek brings to the table that’s different, obviously, is on-air promotion to millions of music fans a week. At the end of the day, it’s the dual medium that will define what we’re offering here, where we can make something an event on-air and drive people online."

"On the launch of Z100’s Phone Tap podcast and subsequent expansion: "It’s been a huge way to extend our brand. We’ve delivered over one million pieces of content in just over four weeks...Now we’re going to start selling these on a local level where an advertiser can have a 15-second message before that five-minute piece of premium content."

" On the expected overhaul of Clear Channel's radio station Web sites: "You’ll see a complete Clearchannel300_9 overhaul of all of our music Web sites before the end of July..."

"On why Clear Channel will win online versus other music Web sites: "In the end, it’s radio’s unique ability to bring something to life on-air, really make an event out of it, and to drive people to a brand that they already trust. To bring them to our own brands online is natural for a listener, and it’s where radio really exceeds in that one-two punch of on-air and then being able to experience it online that really separates us from the pure play online competition."

"On goals for the next year: "Fine-tune the projects that we just started to roll out and...One key feature you’re going to see out-of-the-gate on those Web sites is all of the stations will have a listing of the last ten songs that played as well as the Top 10 songs and any other Top 10 type feature that the station wants to program locally. You’ll also see us pay more attention to label-produced music videos."

Starbuck & XM Expand Partnership To CD's

Ca_2CelebrityAccess MediaWire - XM Satellite Radio and Starbucks Hear Music will further expand their relationship with the launch of a new proprietary series of multi-artist music compilation CDs. Co-produced by XM and Hear Music, the debut CD in the series, Hear Hearxm Music XM Radio Sessions, Vol. 1, features newly recorded, never-before-heard tracks from both established and emerging artists. The CD will be available exclusively at Starbucks Company-operated locations in the U.S. and Canada and online at beginning August 3.

Hearmusic_img_3The CD features new, alternate recordings of two original songs apiece from Tracy Chapman, Jewel and Jason Mraz. In addition, all three singer-songwriters contribute a cover song to the album with Chapman interpreting the Ben E. King classic "Stand By Me," Jewel updating Nina Simone's "The Other Woman" and Mraz taking on Bjork's "Unravel." The disc also offers two songs apiece from up-and-coming WEA artists James Blunt and the John Butler Trio.

Each compilation in the series will feature exclusive tracks culled from special Xmradio_30 sessions with a revolving roster of established and emerging artists across a wide range of genres. The project is reflective of XM and Starbucks Hear Music's commitment to supporting emerging artists and more deeply exploring the work of established acts.

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XM/Napster Announce: Hear It, Download It

According to Digital Music News XM Satellite Radio has announced "...a new relationship with Napsterbunny_8 Napster, scheduled to take root in the fourth quarter of this year. As part of a new "XM + Napster" service, a new breed of XM/MP3 players will allow music fans to earmark songs heard on the satellite service for later download on Napster. Once the XM/MP3 receiver is docked, Napster will match the selected songs against its existing catalog."

"...Samsung has teamed with XM Satellite Radio to produce flash-based devices that will combine Xmradio_29 downloadable music with satellite radio content. But those devices...will only be able to store live satellite content received from a docking station for portable playback later. A fully portable device is also reportedly in the works..."

New Stats: Legal Downloads Growing

Download_stats"Widespread broadband adoption combined with the digitization of music and the emergence of portable digital music players is fundamentally changing the music industry," acorrding to Ben Macklin, Senior Analyst at eMarketer and author of eMarketer's new report, Online Music: Downloads, Streaming, Radio, Mobile. "While the Kazaas and the Groksters and eDonkeys of the world will continue to be the underground nemeses of copyright holders, legitimate online music services such as iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and others are competing with P2P networks, and an increasing percentage of all music sales are being conducted online."

The full report can be purchased here.

Broadcasters Add Net Only Side Channels

Some radio broadcasters are giving listeners more choices (and music markleters more outlers) by offering ilisteners Internet-only "side channels" on their web sites.

Rain_logo_8According to The Radio Internet Newsletter (RAIN), broadcaster "...Bonneville launched the Internet-only in early 2000 as a complement to its All-News format WTOP-AM/Washington, D.C. The side channel (originally called WTOP2 and designed to address the needs of a specialized subset of WTOP's listenership -- federal employees) proved so successful, Bonneville gave the station a transmitter and put it on the air as WFED-AM."

"Meanwhile, Bonneville has been "super-serving" listeners of some of its music stations with specialized musical programming
available only via the station sites."

"For instance, it stood to reason that a significant number of Bonneville's D.C. Classical music broadcaster WGMS-FM's listeners enjoy opera and other classical vocal music. Thus the logic behind Viva La Voce, the Internet-only stream featuring "Opera (arias, duets, ensembles, choruses and complete operas), Choral Music (sacred and secular works), and Art Song (lieder, chansons, and other similar works)."

Radio_8 "In Chicago, Bonneville is experimenting with side channels for its Hot AC WTMX-FM ("The Mix") and Classic Hits WDRV-FM ("The Drive"). While neither The Mix's "Totally 80s" nor The Drive's "Deep Tracks" channels are as extensively developed as FederalNewsRadio and Viva La Voce (neither have their own web sites or the range of features of the D.C. streams), both are promoted on and link from the main station web page..."

"It remains to be seen if the development of side channels for companies like Bonneville is a long-term plan, or simply a stop-gap before broadcasters (and listeners) convert to HD Radio, a technology which allows stations to broadcast side channels to listeners with digital radio receivers..."

Sony BMG Pay $10 Million Settlement And Admit Payola

According to Rueters and The "Sony BMG, one of the world's largest musicSonybmg_8  companies, will pay $10 million to settle a New York State probe into the way the music company influenced which songs were played on the radio, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said on Monday."

"The probe centers on a number of "pay-for-play" practices, widely known as "payola," including paying independent promoters to help secure airtime for songs. Under the Sony BMG settlement, the company agreed to stop making payments to radio stations in exchange for airplay, Spitzer said."

Universallogo_1" part of the settlement, Sony BMG admitted that payola "has continued to be an unfortunately prevalent aspect of radio promotion....Spitzer also said the payola investigation continues at the other three major record companies -- Universal Music Group, EMI Group Plc, and Warner Music Group Corp., as well as the country's largest radio companies."

Clearchannel300_8"...Spitzer has also issued subpoenas to radio companies including Clear Channel Communications Inc., Viacom Inc.'s Infinity Broadcasting, Entercom Communications Corp. and Cox Radio Inc. The companies have said they ban the use of independent promoters...."

"...The attorney general saved his harshest criticism for the radio companies and called on the Federal Communications Commission, which licenses the airwaves, to be more vigorous in fighting payola."

Baltimore's Funk Box Nightclub Returns To It's Roots

Funkbox(CelebrityAccess MediaWire) -- The Funk Box, in Baltimore Maryland, will soon reopen with it's original name, the 8x10 club.

The club, located at 10 E. Cross St., was purchased in 2003 and completely renovated has operated under the name The Funk Box since it's grand re-opening on Sept 4, 2003.

Starting in September, however, the club will revert to it's orignal name, the 8x10 club. The club, which has operated under various names has been a part of Baltimore's nightlife since 1984 and has played host to performers such as Dave Matthews, Phish, Nirvana, Robert Cray, Bo Diddley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Widespread Panic.

Walther Productions is finalizing the schedule for the re-opening. For more information, please contact: Tim Walther at 301-834-4100 - CelebrityAccess staff writers

Announcemnt Today On Sony BMG Payola Settlement With NY

Sonybmg_7According to Digital Music News, "New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer is expected to reveal details today on a payola settlement involving Sony BMG. Talk of an agreement was bubbling over the weekend, and now a Spitzer press conference is scheduled for 11 AM EST in New York. The settlement could offer a template for other major labels, all of whom have been responding to subpoenas from Spitzer's office."

"A sizeable fine is reportedly part of the package, alongside more stringent guidelines regarding the use of independent promoters and the delivery of gifts to specific radio stations."

"The Spitzer actions come at a bad time for labels, though a reduction in the use of independent promoters can be viewed as a positive. The promoters, whose role has been seriously diminished over the past few years, have typically served as liaisons to broker pay-for-play arrangements. That has created a major financial drain for major labels, with radio still carrying the ability to make-or-break certain tracks. Now, a more level playing field could calm the spending frenzy, helping majors trim radio promotion budgets considerably."

Musicians Turn To Mobile Phones To Bypass Labels

Bbc_channels_1BBC News writes that "musicians have begun looking to mobile phones to reach fans directly, bypassing the record label.

"Andy Cato of dance act Groove Armada has teamed up with O2 in the UK to offer tracks for download to mobiles. "If this works, it'll give left-of-centre music a presence in a potentially large market place," he said."

Ericssonnapsterlogo_1"Mobile operators and handset makers are scrambling to provide music to mobiles, turning them into portable jukeboxes. Sony Ericsson is bringing out a range of Walkman-branded phones, while Motorola is working on an iTunes-compatible mobile with Apple."

"While many people own digital music players, often the one gadget they carry all the time is the mobile phone."

"As mobiles become more sophisticated and offer more storage space, the industry is looking at ways of tapping into people's appetite for digital music on the go..."


"...With labels, it is impossible to calculate how much you get per song," he explained. "When you Cd_2 do, you weep."

"Cato is going to offer two tracks a week for download to mobiles from Friday 8 July, costing £1 each."

"Working on a new track on a Monday and releasing it on a Friday is an adrenaline-fuelled way of working," he told the BBC News website.He is also planning to work with other music producers to help them distribute music by mobile."

The future:

"Just about everyone in the mobile industry seems to be making plans to jump on the digital music bandwagon."

Motorolalogo_2"Sony Ericsson has joined forces with online music service Napster to develop a service for mobiles...rival Motorola has partnered with Apple...Handset manufacturers such as Nokia are working on mobiles designed for digital entertainment. ..And SonyCell_photo_5  Ericsson will launch the first of its Walkman branded phones, the W800i, in August."

"...But there still some hurdles in the way of music on mobile...people may have trouble transferring tracks from mobiles to a PC, and there are also issues about competing file formats for mobile downloads."

"Analysts say that mobile phones still have some way to go before they replace more established music players like the iPod."

Hypebot says WATCH OUT Apple.
Read the full BBC article here.

New Cell Promos Jazz Up Music Retail

Mobot_1According to Digital Music News, "The vibe has long been flat at many traditional retailers, prompting Warner Music and Tower Records to concoct a new, traffic-driving twist. To spark excitement at the massive retailer, the pair recently tapped into new mobile technology from Mobot, which can instantly recognize images snapped by a camera phone. Those that recently sauntered into a Tower outlet were encouraged to take snapshots of a specific in-store promo piece. Mobot then recognizes the image and sends back a message to the phone confirming entry into a flyaway sweepstakes. Winners will grab a trip for two Towerlogo_3 to New York City on August 13th to see Transplants and My Chemical Romance, part of the Vans Warped Tour. The "Snap and Win" campaign ends today after a three week run."

Other music initiatives could be on the way from Mobot. The company can also recognize a long list of album covers and music-related images, leading to subsequent purchases of CDs, ringtones, and other content. That could provide big labels with an entirely new revenue stream, with more than 215 million camera phones in use throughout the world. That is part of a new crop of innovative mobile music technologies surrounding recognition, with companies like Shazam offering the ability to identify an audio clip simply by using the handset. Those new tools could help to spark more impulse buys, with many consumers motivated to purchase within narrow time windows."


Beginning Thursday, July 21 Los Angeles based public radio station KCRW will offer podcasts of live sessions performed by unsigned and independent artists on its signature music show, Morning Becomes Eclectic hosted by Nic Harcourt.  The first podcast will be the 40 minute performance and interview with Goldspot, a Los Angeles band that is generating a lot of buzz.  Goldspot will perform live on Morning Becomes Eclectic today at 11:20 AM PT.  The session podcast will be available by 2 PM PT from both the podcast page and the iTunes 4.9 podcast section of its music store.

Kcrw_150x42_3 Each Morning Becomes Eclectic live session podcast will be available for a two week window.  More live sessions will be added as they are available.  Next week, KCRW will add the podcast of Every Move A Picture’s performance and interview, which was recorded on April 20, 2005.  The San Francisco band anticipates signing a record deal in the coming weeks.

KCRW Music Director and Morning Becomes EclectiC host, Nic Harcourt, says, “Since we began offering our non-music programs as podcasts, we’ve been inundated with requests to make music programming available.  While the major labels are still figuring it out, the independent artists understand the value of this type of promotion, and I’m happy we’re launching Morning Becomes Eclectic podcasts with an L.A. group.”

Russ Rieger, Partner and Founder of the independent label Union Records, remarks, “As for Goldspot, podcasting represents a new and innovative way to spread the word about this truly great band and we are both proud and thrilled to be included.”

KCRW first launched its podcasting lineup on March 1st with 22 locally-produced talk and culture programs. On June 28, iTunes 4.9 launched, featuring several of those shows on its podcasting front page, which resulted in a ten-fold increase of downloads in one day.  Almost one month later, KCRW has seen its total podcast subscribers grow exponentially, from 100,000 a week to at least 300,000 a week.

KCRW is an NPR-affiliate station with a unique public radio format that features talk and free-form music programming.  Morning Becomes Eclectic airs weekdays from 9 AM to Noon PT.  The show is also available as a live stream and on demand at  Live performances by established, unsigned and up-and-coming artists have been a feature of the program for years.  Recent live guests include Keren Ann, Thievery Corporation, Robert Plant, Shelby Lynne, Feist, Doves, Spoon, M.I.A., and Aimee Mann, among others.  All live sessions are archived for streaming on demand.  The New York Times Magazine profile of Nic Harcourt on June 28 calls him “. . .the country’s most important disc jockey and a genuine bellwether.”

Click below for more on KCRW.


IFPI Claims 3X Increase In Legal Downloads

Ifpi_2The International Federation of Phonographic Industries has announced that 180 million tracks were downloaded legally in the first six months of 2005, a three fold increase compared to 57 million tracks in the first half of 2004 and 157 million for the whole of last year.

The federation credited the increase to a 13 percent rise in the number of broadband connections worldwide plus the industry campaign to prosecute and educate against illegal downloading. The IFPI also said there was a 3 percent increase in illegal file-sharing to 900 million in July from 870 million at the beginning of 2005.

Two New Format HD Only Radio Channels Debut In Chicago

Clearchannel300_7Accoding to the Chicago Sun Times online, "Monday marked the debut of two new Chicago radio formats -- one "straight jazz" and the other "dusties" (R&B oldies and blues)...Both services are available only on HD Radio channels, requiring special equipment that's still out of reach for most consumers. HD Radio receivers start at about $250."

"...Clear Channel launched the new digital services as spin-offs of two other outlets. "Straight jazz" uses the second HD channel of smooth jazz WNUA-FM (95.5), while the "dusties" format uses the second HD channel of adult urban contemporary WVAZ-FM (102.7).

At the outset, both of the new services air strictly music, with no talent or commercials.

Coalition of Independent Music Stores Top 200 for Week Ending 7-17-05

Cims_15Label Pos. Artist|Title


























Click below to view #26-200 and this week's CIMS commnetary on the rush to digital music and the problems the average consumer is having with viruses and the new technologies.

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Indy Site Singingfool Adds Universal Music Videos

(CelebrityAccess MediaWire), an independently owned music video archive site thatSingingfool_logo  has carved its own niche in between the large Internet conglomerates, has signed an agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG) to continue providing its monthly audience of 2 million unique visitors with hundreds of music videos from many of UMG's chart-topping artists.

UniversallogoWith over 7,000 music videos that can be accessed, is not only one of the largest music video archives, it has grown to become one of the most popular on the web. Started in 1999, has been ahead of the curve in realizing the importance of streaming video content on the Internet and archiving it for music fans. The phenomenal growth in the number of broadband connections has fueled a renaissance in the world of music video which has driven visits at up 250% in the last three months alone. According to a recent survey, the comprehensive catalog, the simplicity of the search tool and the ability to create your own music video shows or "VJ playlists" are what resonates with millions of "on-demand" consumers.

"We are dedicated to growing our music video library and expanding the definition of music video to take advantage of the power of digital media and the web,"'s managing partner Jed Horovitz says. "We are pleased that UMG understands the value of our ability to break new acts and connect established ones with new fans." By Jane Cohen and Bob Grossweiner

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Huge Growth Predicted For XM & Sirius Despite New Pressures

Xmradio_28According to "...In a new report (by Kragan Research), the company says that low churn, new programming and exclusive vehicle agreements will boost subscriptions for competitors XM and Sirius to 46.8 million, with Siriuslive_7revenues of $7.6 billion, by 2014. In the short term, Kagan predicts that the two players will face increased competitive pressure from emerging technologies. According to Kagan analyst Michael Buckley, "As wireless technology expands and access to free music Web sites and on-demand services increases, satellite radio will lose potential customers to alternative sources in the battle for consumers' attention."

ITunes Surpasses 500 Million Downloads

Ipodgirl_6CelebrityAccess MediaWire - Apple music fans have purchased and downloaded more than half a billion songs from the iTunes Music Store. The 500 millionth song, Faith Hill's "Mississippi Girl," was purchased on July 17 by Amy Greer from Lafayette, IN, and as the grand prize winner she will receive 10 iPods to share with family and friends, an iTunes gift card for 10,000 songs and an all-expenses paid trip for four to see Coldplay on their world tour.

"Just over two years ago, we sold our first song. Yesterday, we sold our half billionth song. WOW!" said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "As we cross this major milestone, we couldn't be more excited about the future of digital music, iTunes and the iPod."

"Steve and Apple's impact with their complete thought of iPod and iTunes will be looked back upon as important as any instrument or device ever created for the music industry," said Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records. By Bob Grossweiner and Jane Cohen

Music Videos On Your iPod?

Wall_street_journal_online300w_2According to a report in today's Wall Street Journal, Apple Computer has been talking to major record labels trying to license the sale of music videos through Ipod2_3 iTune. According to the Journal this further points  towards Apple releasing a device that plays video files as early as September. Analysts see the development as likely because of Apple's strength in video software including the Quicktime movie format and video-editing software.

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.  The Journal also noted that thus far,commercial movie download services have not met with much success.

Cheap New Video Technologies Offer Unlimited Marketing Opportunities

Check out a new show and blog from the Travel Channel and ask yourself...."Why couldn't any rock band put a student filmaker on the road with them with this same set-up producing almost nightly show, behind the scenes, and fan footage viewable from the band's web site?"

The writes:

"..."5 Takes Europe" is based on a reality show concept. Five young filmmakers will travel for two months armed only with a Sony Z1 high-definition camera, a laptop computer with Apple's Final Cut Pro and a budget of $50 a day. Rosenblum has trained the quintet in a one-person production system he calls the video journalist method. Using these skills and tools, each filmmaker -- called a VJ in this context -- will maintain a frequently updated online blog complete with video content at in addition to the weekly television program."

EMI Not Singing The Blues

At least one major label seems determined not to sing the blues, at least when investors are listening.  According to, "EMI Group is confident it will report improved financial results for its current fiscal year because of strong demand for digital music and recent album releases as well as its release schedule for the rest of the year..The bullish comments from EMI came on the same day a U.S. analyst suggested that continuing strong demand for Apple Computer's iPods would restrict music labels' ability to raise prices for digital music over time. Nicoli said EMI has brought in a "solid performance" for the first few months of its fiscal year, which started April 1. Revenue and operating profit are running ahead of last year in its recording and publishing units..."

The Week In Review From Digital Music News

  • The biggest news this week came from the trio of AOL, AEG, and XM Satellite Radio. The group announced a joint venture called Network Live, which will seek to license and distribute live concerts across a number of different platforms. The move comes on the heels of an ultra-successful Live 8 presentation by AOL, which set streaming records.
  • Apple also smashed some records, with new earnings and revenue records reported Wednesday. The company quieted concerns about soft iPod demand, with more than 6 million units shifted for the most recent quarter.
  • In other earnings news, EMI posted an improved result for its fiscal year-to-date, powered by recent releases by Coldplay and Gorillaz.
  • In the wireless space, XM expanded its broadcasting spectrum through the purchase of WCS Wireless. That set the satellite leader back $196 million.
  • And earlier this week, the RIAA dropped its case against Charter Communications, opting not to challenge an unfavorable ruling with the Supreme Court. The decision means that the RIAA will continue with John Doe proceedings for future lawsuits against individual file uploaders.

Music Managers Dalton And Gould Leave The Firm To Start Vision Entertainment Group

In another blow to mega-managament company The Firm, CelebrityAccess MediaWire reports that, music managers Dan Dalton and Andy Gould have both left their spots at the Firm to start their own company, Vision Entertainment Group.

Dalton works with artists including Jurassic 5, Chali 2n, Cut Chemist, Damian Marley and Holly Brook. He can be reached at

Gould manages Rob Zombie, Loser, and William Tell. He can be reached at

The new company is at 8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 425, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. The phone number is 323-951-9595, and the fax number is 323-951-9898.

Coalition of Independent Music Stores' Top 200 For Week Ending 7-10-05

Cims_14Label Pos. Artist|Title


























Click below or #26-200

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Despite New Media Growth Radio Still Strong

Radio_and_record_2From Radio & Records: "Consumer awareness and use of such new entertainment options as satellite radio, digital music players, Internet radio and podcasting is on the rise, but a new study released yesterday by Paragon Media Research says that all that new media isn't putting a dent in radio listening...

Radio_7"A full
97% said they listen to radio, compared to 52% for those who listen to Internet radio, 38% who burn CDs and 20% who have MP3 players. The survey also found that a full 82% of respondents have heard of satellite radio and 80% are aware of MP3 players. 75% have heard of Internet radio, and 33% are aware that podcasting is out there...

"...the new media that holds the most potential for future new listening is Internet radio, at 28%. followed by MP3 players, at 22%, and then satellite radio, at 17%."

Read the full Radio & Record Article here. Joins Ventures Monetizing The Concert Experience

From Digital Music News: "While AOL, AEG, and XM may be out to revolutionize the live concert business, others are also making plays. Most recently, digital music store announced that it will make live concert downloads available to its customers the day after the performance. The company announced the initiative following a show from Mark Knopfler, former frontman of Dire Straits. The artist kicked off his tour last night in Nashville, with PassAlong teaming with Crowfly Digital Entertainment to record and distribute the tracks digitally..."

Passalong_logo "PassAlong joins a growing list of providers interested in bring the excitement from the concert venue to other formats. The recent AOL/AEG/XM partnership is the biggest example, though Clear Channel has also been extending the concert experience with its Instant Live on-site CD-recording business unit. And others like Verizon are also getting into the game, showcasing select Clear Channel concerts within its V Cast video service."

"Meanwhile, live favorites like the String Cheese Incident have been making meaningful profits from selling digital downloads of live performances, with a die-hard fan community often rushing to pay for the latest performance."

iPod Sales Soar

Ipod_13For the fiscal third quarter, Apple reported revenues of $3.52 billion, and profits of $320 million, or $.37 a share. Last year profits we're a mere $61 million on revenues of $2.01 billion. While Macintosh sales were healthy at 1.18 million, iPod shipments reached a astounding 6,155,000 units. "We're very pleased to report 75 percent revenue growth and a 425 percent increase in net income," said Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer. "Looking ahead to the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005, we expect revenue of about $3.5 billion and earnings per diluted share of about $.32."

Senate To Look At Copyright Law In The Digital Age

The writes correctly that " of the biggest holdups on the road to digital delivery is the ungainly process that distributes royalties to songwriters and music publishers. The section of the copyright law that governs the payments was written in 1909, at a time when the player piano was still around, and is ill-suited for a universe where digital music moves at the speed of light. Lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee's copyright panel began to grapple with the problem on Tuesday, but it is still unclear how it will all shake out. In essence, lawmakers need to rewrite Section 115 of the nation's copyright code, which sets the royalty rate and license terms for payments to songwriters and music publishers. The process is slow, so Internet music companies cannot get songs on their services quickly."