iRadio Will Distribute Hundreds Of Free Music Stations Via Cell

Motorolalogo_3Watch out commercial radio and satellite broadcasters, the Internet radio revolution is about to go portable as predicted via the cell phone. The Motorola iRadio service is expected to launch during the first quarter of 2006 and is being previewed at a music consumer show next week in NYC.

The iRadio service’s aim (in addition to making money) is to transform radio by Iradio_3making it more mobile and self-expressive. The service will offer hundreds of channels of personalized commercial-free music and talk. Through the iRadio Get Heard Network, independent  labels and artists will have the ability to create their own radio stations that will be made available to broadcast nationwide. Internet based broadcasters will also now have the ability to extend their services to the places where people listen to music the most like in the car or jogging.

You can take a peak at the service here

The pros will argue that it’s going to be 1057 channels and nothings on. But certainly some broadcasts will become trusted and thus powerful gatekeepers like the album rock DJ who was once our arbiter of cool.  And won’t it be sublime for the kid that wants 24 hours a day of Sublime? 

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