Is Infinity Killing Music Radio?

Fmqblogo_fp_6 FMQB has the most complete coverage of the Howard Stern replacement derby results here as well as a complete listings of changes by market here

What should be of most concern to those in the music industry is the qucikening march away from  Freefm_1music based program with many major markets including NYC, LA and Philadelphia loosing important outlets for rock and active rock to Infinity’s new talk based FREE FM format.

Hitslogo2_8HITS asks the question that should be on mind of everyone involved in or even a fan of music "..with the changes going on at alternative radio, and with rock releases that succeed at Top 40 as the only rock acts that reach platinum sales, what are the new benchmarks for rock releases that are deemed successes for major labels? Has rock transitioned only to niche markets?" 

And we wonder if XM, Sirius, and internet radio (whcich will soon be vailable on many cell phones)can pick up the slack?

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