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Hypebot's Digital Music QuickNews:

MTV Video Music Awards' Net Offerings Explode Even As TV Viewers Decline

Digital Music News reports that MTV's broadband site for the Video Music Awards "... received 13 million streams within a 30 day window, and received a record 45 million pageviews on the day after the show. The site, which was layered within the MTV Overdrive broadband offering, was stuffed with artist videos, event footage, and bonus content."

Mtv_11"The MTV approach represents a diversification away from traditional, linear programming. While Live 8 will be remembered as a watershed for live, streaming entertainment, MTV quickly adapted in time for the VMAs. Now, the company is also pushing into mobile programming, and has recently inked wireless content relationships with Warner Music Group and Sprint Nextel."

"Meanwhile, overall audience numbers on the cable-based VMA broadcast were somewhat disappointing, with 8 million tuning in. While that represented a strong percentage of the younger viewing demographic, it is a slide from previous year totals of 10.3 million, and an even stronger decline from 11.95 million viewers in 2002."