MYV Launches Net Only UBER “Your Channel. Your Way”. Are Other Niche Music Net Channels On The Horizon?

Just as listening to music has migrated towards the web and purchasing it is following, so now are videos and music TV.  Yahoo and it’s Launch service and Real were among the first to offer video on demand several years ago, but MTV has become a leader in almost television like programming via the Internet.

Mtvuber_logo_betaAOL may have outdone MTV with much more complete event coverage of Live8, but MTV is striking back with ongoing niche channels like their new mtvU Uber targeting the college crowd.  It’s basically an update to its already existing MTVu service which runs on campus cable systems and the internet. But with unique MTV and student produced programming and a wide selection of videos all presented on demand plus the slogan "Your Channel. Your Way", MTV is stepping out front with a format likely to capture this key demo.

And with the announcement of MTV’s new Tempo channel aimed at the Caribbean music market both on the islands and here, you have to wonder what kind of niche net driven channels will follow.  If the net can support audio streams devoted to folk, smooth jazz, world music and even polka why not net delivered music television for these genres?

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  1. MYV Launches UBER “Your Channel. Your Way”.

    Link: hypebot: MYV Launches Net Only UBER Your Channel. Your Way. Are Other Niche Music Net Channels On The Horizon?. How cool will this be? I think it will be SWEET!


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